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on 4/27/21 4:47 am

Hello ,

I have had bariatric surgery in NS Approx 11 years ago. I have regained some of the weight back and tried to get off with no luck. I am just wondering what is the revision process like from first step to the revision and afterwards.

Thank you

on 4/28/21 6:51 pm

Hi There:

What surgery did you have originally?

Leslie W.
on 5/4/21 12:43 pm - Cobourg, Canada

You we need to get your MD to submit a referral online to the Bariatric registry. The referral must be done online.

While that is being done ask about a referral from GP for a scope to check out your pouch. If everything is good consider going back to basic. Track intake, cut out the junk that creeps back into our diets. Keep track of these changes as it will help once you get seen by the bariatric centre. They will want to see that you have made these changes but they have no worked.

Once you are accepted and assigned a centre you will be seen by Nurse, Dietician, Social worker, Psychologist, Surgeon etc.. There are also nutrition classes. Each site works just a little different. After surgery they will follow up with you for at least a year or more

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on 6/1/21 8:41 pm - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Hi Leslie: I had my surgery 11 years ago as well, and have gained back all the weight I lost, plus another 10 pounds. What hospital did you have your surgery at? I went to Barix Clinic in Ypsilanti, MI. I'm afraid to confront my demons, and feel helpless to change, because of chronic pain that I am in. Long story. XO Nancy Oh! And BTW I'm in Brighton!

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