It's very sad

Leslie W.
on 9/21/21 1:25 pm - Cobourg, Canada

This forum used to be really active. 2011 wen I had my RNY I was so thankful for this forum. I met my best friend who was a year out from me. Could not have done this without her. While I realize we most deal with FB groups. It is sad to see this forum falter. Don't give up on the option to reach out to others. 10 years out and don't regret a thing.

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Diminishing Dawn
on 9/28/21 6:14 pm - Windsor, Canada

It's been dead here for a long time. Facebook has definitely taken over. Good to see you post though.

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on 10/5/21 2:58 am

Yes, it is sad. I never use the Facebook ones. I lurk here more than post so I guess I'm part of the problem. I got discouraged when my weight loss stopped. I got it started again with the help of Dr Glazer from Humber. I also think People are just hiding out waiting for life to return to a semblance of ordinary.

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on 10/5/21 6:40 am

I agree. When researching information before approaching my family doctor for a referral, I came here and read through all the forums but it seemed to be pretty dead. I'm not on FB but there is a huge support network on Instagram and YouTube. It's unfortunate though, I think the forums would be very beneficial. I'm still pre-op (I meet my surgeon this week!) and it would be helpful to have this as a resource as well.

on 10/17/21 2:41 am
RNY on 09/30/20

Good Luck! It's a journey (I'm one year PO) but 110% worth it.

Surgery 09/30/20

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on 1/24/22 10:01 am

The opportunity exists- i only do this board.. watch some on you tube -not on surgery...Not on fakebook nor insta pot..

Post a question, a live issue, a true report not a link.

Wake up! This is an Online forum. computers are in every household and many of those who come to this board, even infrequently are available

on 10/23/21 6:36 pm

Definitely disheartening. We have so much collective knowledge, experience, weight loss, REGAIN (well me anyway) and Love and advice that we have to keep it going. Post away, folks!

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on 10/25/21 9:45 am
RNY on 10/21/20

I think there are a lot of people who just read but I agree there need to be more people stepping out of the shadows and asking questions. Facebook is not a good resource for information nor is it unbias. Most groups are moderated to a point of either they sell something or they are directing you to their centers/surgeons. I found this website early on and I am thankful I did.I don't post as much as I should but I try to. I have also shared this website with my support group and many come here to read but don't interact as much.I find it funny that people will come out of the wood work to comment on how dead a website is but not come in and comment on questions being asked or post in general.That is not directed at you it is more towards people in general. People need to realize that a website dedicated to weight loss surgery is better than a facebook group that sole purpose is to make money or make facebook money.

on 5/10/22 5:19 am

I'm 24 years out from my VBGB and continue to click on articles of interest from the occasional email I receive from this site.

I agree with what you posted but would like to pipe in with my opinion on posting.

I believe that many morbidly obese people are quite used to keeping to themselves, not reaching out, have poor social skills, etc.

Due to this reality of being people-shy, we are often reluctant to get our feet wet and jump into being social butterflies - even on a site such as this one.

I, for one, felt like I was never taken seriously because the world was used to seeing "happy, bubbly, fat Sue.

It took me a long time before I ever even replied to a post!

It's really too bad that a life-saving site like this has to die out, but the 'new-age' demands moving forward; fast, fast, fast! - however this total life changing process of losing hundreds of pounds takes so much longer in our heads than it does for our bodies.

on 10/25/21 10:07 am - Struthers, OH

I had my surgery 15 years ago. This ste was my life line. I still read the articles but don't post much.

I do struggle with emotional eating habits but have kept the weight off! Maybe I should be here more .

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