Plastic surgeon

on 1/10/22 7:00 am

Good morning..

I am finally at the stage of wanting my apron removed who is the surgeon everyone is being referred too?


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on 1/19/22 5:13 pm

Hi Tiffany

Have you consulted any clinic for the surgery

on 1/25/22 1:04 pm


Not yet I'm waiting for my Dr to refer but I'm looking for recommendations

on 1/25/22 11:25 am - Barrie, Canada
RNY on 05/21/13

Where are you located?

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on 3/10/22 6:02 pm


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on 4/29/22 7:21 am - Toronto, Canada

I live in Toronto. Not very familiar in Oshawa. If you like, I can refer you some in Toronto.

on 5/23/22 11:42 am

Hi if you could refer some doctors that would b great and if they work with ohip even better..thanks

on 6/22/22 8:38 pm - Canada

Try Dr. Elahi , excellent at getting Ohip approval for the Panniculectomy portion. 416-221-2441

I'm in Whitby and its 45 minute commute .

Leslie W.
on 3/10/22 4:56 pm - Cobourg, Canada

Sorry but don't come here very often. I have used Dr. Nandagopal for all my plastics. He doesn't work with OHIP but prices have been stable for years. There is also a FB page for Ontario plastic surgery group. PM me if you want if you cannot find it.

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