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on 12/16/18 6:52 am
Topic: RE: Curious about St Joes Rooms in Hamilton

I was in a semi private but had requested a private. They would not give me a private even when some were empty and I was willing to pay for it.

St. Joes Hamilton - Referral June 16, Orientation Aug 16, Group Dietitian May 5, Nurse May 15, Social Worker Aug 15, 1:1 Dietitian Aug 15, Medical Internist Sept 18. Meet Surgeon Nov. 2/17 Preop Feb 12/18 Surgery Feb 16/18

on 12/15/18 4:21 pm
VSG on 11/21/17
Topic: RE: Any DS friendly GPs in BC? (referred here from the BC forum)

Hi there

I do. I have a GREAT GP, in Langley. Dr Tekle. I am not sure if he takes new patients, but he is fantastic and has supported my weight loss journey since day 1.
Are you on the waitlist with the bariatric team at all in Richmond? They have a 2 yr wait list (literally 2 years).

It shouldn't be up to your GP if you are a candidate for bariatric surgery. His/Her role is to refer you, and it is up the bariatrician and/or surgeon to asses if you are a candidate. I would either push the GP you have and advocate for your self, or I would do a search for an alternate GP, although, that can be time consuming.

Good luck


on 12/15/18 2:05 pm
RNY on 01/16/18
Topic: RE: Finally....onederland!


Referral - May 31/17; Orientation - June 15/17; First Appt Nurse - June 26/17; Bloodwork and ECG - June 27/17; Sleep Study - July 5/17; Dietician Appt - July 10/17; Counsellor Appt - July 10/17; Abdominal Ultrasound - July 10/17: Endoscopy/Colonoscopy - July 25/17; Second Dietician Appt - September 14/17; Internist Appt - October 2/17; Meet the Surgeon - November 21/17; Pre Surgery Nutrition Class - January 12/18; Surgery - January 16/18

on 12/14/18 6:53 pm
RNY on 08/17/18
Topic: RE: Finally....onederland!

Congrats!! Cant wait to follow you there!!

TWH (Toronto) | Starting Weight - 300, GW- 175

Referral: Jun 21/17 Orientation: Aug 23/17 NP: Sept 27/17 Social Worker: Sept 27/17 Nut Class: Oct 3/17 Sleep Study: Nov 6/17 NP Follow Up: Jan 3/18 Psych: Jan 12/18 Nut: Jan 15/18 Surgeon: June 1/18 Pre-Op: July 27/18 SlimTime: Aug 3/18 Surgery: Aug 17/18

SlimTime: -13.5 M1: -18 M2: -14 M3: -14.2 M4: ?

on 12/14/18 6:15 pm
RNY on 01/18/19
Topic: RE: Liquid Diet Before Surgery

I have to be on it for 3 weeks and paid around $190 at KGH, worked out to around $60/week. I bought it there and took it all home that day.

on 12/14/18 6:06 pm
RNY on 03/07/17
Topic: RE: Finally....onederland!

Congratulations!! That's great news! I know I felt like a million bucks when I went below 200. Way to go!!

on 12/14/18 9:07 am
RNY on 03/22/18
Topic: Finally....onederland!

Weightloss has been slow but pretty steady at 1to 2 lbs a week...finally saw 199on the scale today! Early Christmas gift!

Ref to Sudbury July 4/17 Sleep study July 29/17 Orientation Sept 13/17 1on1's Feb 2/18 OTN Feb 27/18 Pre op Mar 13/18 Surgery Mar 22/18 St. Michael's w Dr. Grantcharov Opti-10lb M1=-24lbs M2=-11.5 M3=-7.5 M4=-8 M5=-9 M6=-8.5 M7=-6.5 M8=-8

on 12/14/18 8:45 am, edited 12/14/18 12:52 am
VSG on 03/06/18
Topic: RE: What are you eating/doing today -- Friday?

Hello Folks - All ready for the weekend? Im not lol

QOTD - i have flooring i have to do over Christmas and new year, need to get it done. but haven't committed to any more projects. I just upgraded my water system on the farm and that was a task and a half..

My day -

B - Protein shake

S - Venison Jerky

L - Beef soup

S - protein bar

D - Grilled chicken breast.

Take care everyone - have a blessed weekend,

on 12/14/18 6:48 am
RNY on 01/11/12
Topic: A LONG READ BUT WORTH IT! (again)

Food For Thought (from a fellow WLS patient)

You might remember Christmas from the "good old days". You know what I'm talking about, don't you my fellow food addicts? Before my RNY almost 7 years ago, Christmas was a time when I could blissfully stuff my belly without feeling apologetic. Everyone is supposed to do this on Christmas...right? You fill your 18-inch plate and extend that stomach, which feels a mile deep...over and over again. Of course, this is coupled with alcohol and dessert and then followed by a nap. was good!

Wait one delusional minute! If life was so good, then why did I have WLS?! Oh yeah, I was fat and unhappy. Still, I can't help but feel cheated somehow as I stand before the Christmas spread knowing I will never again be able to stuff myself in that same pre-surgery way. Does this always keep me from trying? Heck no! I eat a few bites of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing...try to slide in a couple of bites of dessert...and if I'm feeling really stupid, I attempt some wine. But now I'm "whining" all right because I feel miserable and "full." But it's not that same kind of whole belly "full" that I used to be able to get before WLS that made me feel so satisfied. Instead, this "full" sits at the top of my abdomen, backs up into my esophagus and causes a few painful spasms. So, do I give up? If I keep down what I already ate, I try again in a little while, squeezing in bites of this and that. Must...keep...trying! Now that I have eaten all the things that send my body on that blood glucose roller coaster there are many more opportunities throughout the day to feel hungry once again and take another stab at this self-destructive behavior ... and down I slide on that slippery slope of self-destruction. I end up feeling out of control, sick and frustrated. I just can't get the emotional satisfaction from food that I am seeking. Ugh!

So now what? Forgive me if this sounds trite, but times like these are when it is most important to remind myself why I had WLS and why I committed to the sacrifices involved. I can't tell you how many times I have thought, "This surgery is ruining my fun." Ding, ding! THAT is my cue. Let's rethink fun." Was it fun to feel overweight and unattractive? Was it fun to always feel tired and sluggish? Was it fun to get critical looks and comments from others? How about the health consequences...were those fun?

Let me tell you about fun now. I have much more energy, move a lot more quickly, and my health is better. Instead of critical comments and glances, I get compliments and sometimes a little envy from other women. Now, THAT'S fun!

Might I suggest a new approach to this year's Christmas spread? Pull a little switch-a-roo with that hungry and deprived way of thinking. No, you and I cannot achieve that same full feeling that we used to. I don't know about you, but that feeling was a big deal for me. However, once I accepted this, a whole new way of thinking was possible. Instead of trying to get back that lost "fun with food" feeling, (which you can't get anyway) relish in the new satisfaction that come from looking and feeling better. If you are new to WLS and aren't quite to that place of looking and feeling better yet, remind yourself that this new tool will bring you something much more gratifying than apple pie. Ask yourself: "Do I want to feel frustrated and sick today or do I want to make the choices that will make me feel healthy and ultimately more satisfied?"

This turkey leaves you with a bit of "food for thought" when staring down that Christmas spread. Instead of feeling cheated and trying to stuff ourselves, we can feel thankful for this tool we have been given, a tool that can improve our lives in ways too numerous to count. Instead of feeling physically "full" we now have a much better chance of feeling "full-filled" and that is the most fun of all.

on 12/14/18 6:39 am
RNY on 01/11/12
Topic: Let your adult self take charge.

Who are you going to bring with you as you move from holiday event to holiday event? Are you going to bring the little child inside who hates being deprived? Or, are you bringing with you the satisfied and goal-oriented adult who will take care of your true needs? When your inner child is in charge, you are more at risk for making unhealthy choices. The inner child may be rebellious, choosing to eat the things that are "forbidden." Your inner adult is better at delaying gratification and thinking through the consequences of a choice. When you are going into a challenging situation, your adult self will be your best friend. That part of you will say, "no," and will guide you onto an exciting new path of success. Pay attention to the voices inside your head that help you make choices as you go through your day. Identify your inner child's influence, acknowledge it, and then gently allow your inner adult to have the final say.