Finally approved for April 27th

on 3/25/11 10:07 am
I am happy to have found this forum because I know losing lots of weight will be different for a 56 year old.  What did you all do to prepare for surgery a month out?  My doctor hasn't given me anything to read up on.  Any suggestions?  I have been reading the VSG forum for the last couple of months and appreciate any help outs given.
on 3/25/11 9:52 pm
 Karen and congrats on your upcoming surgery.  I didn't have VSG but I was on a liquid diet.  I had my mind made up for losing weight so no last minute binging for me.  They will probably tell you what they want on your next visit.  Until then maybe just call and ask if you are concerned.
Take care,

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Connie D.
on 3/26/11 2:23 am
Congrats on your upcoming surgery and  Welcome to OFF!!!!

I have no advice for I had RNY.....I just wish you the best. Always follow what your doctor says!

Hugs...connie d
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