Friday-what's new?

Margo M.
on 5/5/11 8:25 pm - Elyria, OH
thought i would start the thread

talk away; ill be back.....

I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.
- E. B. White


Margo M.
on 5/5/11 8:32 pm - Elyria, OH
i did something to my neck a week ago and could sure use a massage if not a chiro- cannot do either-so i get to school at 530 last nite and plastered all over teh walls were flyers about the massage classes offering f free destress massages all day ENDING at 3pm.....poop! had i known i woulda sure been there since i didn't work yesterday! the flyers were not up on tuesday nite-durn it!

ok- so i get into class; we're getting ready for our test- we have one each week before we start a new chapter-and a classmate comes in asks teh teacher to go out to teh hall; teacher comes back in and announces that a classmate-the girl who sits behind me--was killed on her way to school.  wow--well; we tried to process.... had a pretty good test and -well....

so-today and tomorrow are work

sun is comin up - we're expecting 60's and rain.....i'm kinda numb here.....
hugs and prayers

I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.
- E. B. White


Laureen S.
on 5/5/11 8:40 pm - Maple Shade, NJ
Morning Margo, OFFr's,

Feeling a bit better today, have a life to sort through and see what works, what doesn't, what I can change and what I can find a way to accept and then sit back and in the rearview mirror of life, laugh at the silliness of it all one day soon. . . 

Work today, after work dinner with Tony, tomorrow is support group, then driving to Hartford area of CT for a friend's surprise 60th b-day party, spending the night and then home on Sunday where it will be time to get myself ready for the workweek, that's my plan and I sure do hope you all have a wonderful day. 

As always, I wish you peace and strength to get through life's challenges

Hugs, Laureen

My Mantra is that I do not determine my success by the number hanging in my closet, nor will I let the scale determine that success either. . .  It is through trial and error I will continue to grow and succeed. . .  Laureen

"Success is a journey, not a destination."  Ben Sweetland

on 5/5/11 9:59 pm - Shelbyville, MI
Good morning Margo and OFF family, Happy Friday.

Well last night I thought I would dye my hair back to red from chocolate brown. Ugh! Susan will laugh if she is reading this. My roots are red and the rest of my hair some red highlights but I look like a skunk I tell ya! LOL
I'm calling the beauty salon around the corner and see if they can fix it.

Or...any beautician's out there reading this think I can just re-dye my hair and just go back to chocolate brown instead of the red???? I wanted to lighten up my hair for the summer.
I'm able to pull the front back into a clip so you don't see my "skunk hair"!!!
Good thing I'm not a shy gal or someone that just melts down about hair. Never been that way. I'm sure today I'll really make some people laugh!

Hopkins is having their community garage/yard sales tomorrow. It's also my support group meeting in the afternoon, will try to make it to group though, I love the people that go to group.

So everyone have a great weekend! Kalamazoo is having their first 25 mile marathon on Sunday. Traffic will kinda be backed up so I'm staying of of town on Sunday. Don't have any reason to come into town cuz I'm not a runner. I admire runners but my body has never liked to run. LOL
annette R.
on 5/5/11 10:31 pm - ithaca, NY
I began coloring my hair when I began turning gray at 14 years old. Oh the disasters over the years.

Once I asked Tom to help me put in some low light to add depth the the white. He had never used the cap and hook but was willing to help. My hair ended up CALICO.

Two days before my step sons wedding I used a different brand. OMG - my hair was grape juice purple.

I could write a book of coloring mistakes. It would be a comedy.

Yours will be good for a chuckle - some day in the future.

 Annette     Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting           
on 5/5/11 10:37 pm - Shelbyville, MI
Hugs Annette, yep I can laugh at myself I have a great sense of humor and never take anything that happens to my hair seriously, it's just hair.
Monica B.
on 5/5/11 10:50 pm - Emery, SD
I have had many hair coloring disaster also. Hey at age 63 who hasn't. Glad I decided to go natural. I really love my salt & pepper, wishing I had MORE salt. The silver in my hair is croase, but gleams and sparkles.

When hubby turned 25 he had a mini age melt down. Went for a hair cut. Hair cutter dressed to the nines, deep V shirt, and BIG GIRLS. She convinced him to get a PERM. Now he had thin Irish hair. When he came home, he had this blond mass of curls. I stood there, peeped my pants and laughed for hours. That perm lasted 3 yrs I think.

Eileen Briesch
on 5/6/11 4:55 am - Evansville, IN
Annette,  your haircoloring mistakes are funny ... I'm sure not to you, but we can all have a laugh. I personally don't color my own hair ... I pay someone to do it because I'm sure I'd end up with green or purple hair.

Eileen Briesch

lap rny 6-29-04

[email protected]




Monica B.
on 5/5/11 10:44 pm - Emery, SD
Morning all. Sober 184 days and so proud of me.
I took a deep breath, put on new Bali Bra and brooched subject of hurtful words from hubby. He didn't go balastic, listened, commented on MY hurtful words to him, but progress was made with grace. WOW!!
Hoping these FL lovebugs leave NOW. They have kept us RV bound so no hot tubing or sunning last 4 days. Maybe today. Crock pot full of Italian sausage, GARLIC, and peppers. RV will smell delicious soon, but I will move the crock pot outside, I find that if I smell the food cooking all day I don't feel like eating it. Maybe I should get an Italian crusty bread scented candle to help when that stuff is visiting. That bread is in the house and I have only had 2 pieces in 2 days, milestone.
Mucho sunshine and cool breeze, so lovely. Whipperwills, mocking birds, red headed wood peckers doing their things, delightful. FL has announced HUGE cuts to education budgets. Around 17% I think. Thousands of pink slips going out. Wishing there was no such thing as tenure. Sad that the newest teachers go first. Lets see administrative staff take cuts. And the union leaders be helpful.
Not much planned. Going to a Daschaun race to benefit SPCA on Saturday. So grateful for Yoda and the "things" he has introduced into our lives.
Kentucky Derby this weekend. American version of GREAT HATS required. What fun.
Wish I knew that the NFL will be a reality this fall. I need football in my life.
Watched FOX presidental debate last night. VERY INTERESTED IN HERMAN CAIN. Really like what he had to say and how he said it. Business man, never held office, will research his history.
Well have a great Friday, prayers for those in need, hugs to all who need. One color hair for black and red headed women everywhere. Monica

on 5/5/11 11:13 pm - Cibolo, TX
There you go, Monica!  Proud of you!  Marriage is always a work-in-progress, isn't it?  But good for you and John being able to talk things through!  Keep those lines of communication open, okay? 


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