Manic Monday, Whats Up?

Monica B.
on 8/21/11 7:42 pm - Emery, SD
Morning all. Sober 294 days and so proud of me.
Need to share one of my "STUPID MONICA TRICKS" with you. We went to Longhorns for dinner. We had a free appetizer coupon. We don't normally get appetizers or extras like soup or salad as we realize we can't eat all the food offered at a meal. Hubby and I just don't eat like we used too, thank god. However we did order the wild west shrimp, fried shrimp with hot peppers and it destroyed me. I enjoyed the shrimp, spicey and didn't think it was too fried to bother me. Didn't eat alot of the shrimp and then had salad. By the time my main meal arrived, I was shaken and so sick to my tummy. I couldn't even look at the steak, shrimp, and chix dinner put down in front of me. I knew that I would not be able to eat the whole meal before I ordered it but figured I would take it home...not thinking I would take the entire meal home. Poor hubby knew I was not feeling well, waitress even knew I was hurting. So we came home with 2 large bags of food, I walked into house, deposited clothes at foot of bed, crawled in naked and awoke at 4 this morning, alive and grateful for that. Feeling better. Was so sick....shaking and clammy and tummy sooooo distended and crampy. Even 7 years after WLS a food choice can still KNOCK ME DOWN so easily. I rarely eat deep fried foods, oh a taste here and there, but never alot. I did this to myself and paid for it.
Be well and beware of stupid stuff. Hugs, Monica

on 8/21/11 8:38 pm, edited 8/21/11 8:39 pm - HALFWAY BETWEEN ATLANTA AND BHAM , AL
Hey Monica and all the sleeping beauties to come ,,,TIME TO RISE AND SHINE LADIES >>:)

YEAH you Monica ,,,295 coming up and alot to be proud of..

I have done the same food thing. Mine happens with pork BBQ for some reason from time time . I always have to throw up right away though and then am weak and shaky for hours ..
I never learn LOL
To sweet too will get me and forget milk or things made with it . A shake would put me under the table as does ice cream , rice etc ,,,

Off to work I will go today....I have to drag our the old paint and roller soon to work on this face and get ready for the world .
Actually I use the mineral powder makeup ,,,LOVE IT ,,,does anyone else use that ,,,best stuff I have ever used and they have a primer that goes in first that doesn't allow the powder to settle in any wrinkle areas if anyone happens to have any and I KNOW NONE OF US DO thank goodness >>LOL

How is everyone feeling today ? I am ok so far ... Feeling ok in spite of the nasty little allergies.
My blessing today is my sweetpea. He is the best helper in the world.
He makes my coffee and unsweet tea with Splenda everyday . He rubs my feet , he sends me flowers and he thinks i am beautiful ,,,He does housework, yard work and shops without a grumble with me ...He works out with me too everyday.

YEP , I am blessed in so many ways ..THANK YOU LORD
Eat all your rainbow colors today and exercise your little butts off girls ,,, we need to stay healthy in our old age because if we cant take care of ourselves and our kids live across the country , we will be in trouble if we get down and out ..
Blessing and prayers going up for all that need and want them ..i do

on 8/21/11 8:53 pm - NY
Good morning Monica, Shirley.......
   Yeah last bout of dumping sickness was after eating Coconut shrimp at "Red Lobster" ...I'd eaten it before but for some reason it did not LIKE me last time.  I too felt like you but, had to continue shopping as I was not driving.
   Today...I'm off to the drs. at 9.  Yesterday helping my mom pack and clean up her house, I stepped up onto a metal step stool she has and scrapped my leg.  It hurt , but I'm not a baby.  Today I have a lump on my leg that looks like a HUGE black and blue blood clot.  So I'm off to the drs....its my bad leg too the one I have lymphaedema in. 
   Everyone have a great day...I'm hoping NOT to end up in the hospital.
on 8/21/11 9:48 pm - Jacksonville, NC
Good mornin', ya'll.
Monica, I'm sorry about your tummy trouble. Sometimes I wish us bandstershad that problem. If I knew I would dump after cookies and candy it would be easier than will power.
My DIL starts back to school today. The kids go back on Wednesday. My grandson's summer reading project is still sitting here on my desk, half completed. I know that with work, and practice it's hard to get to homework too, but priorities need to be checked here. But, hey, I'm just G-Ma.
On our drive to SC, that grandson did a lot of talking. I think his 5 weeks in military summer camp and then 2 weeks at home did some good. He has a friend back in OR that he thought was someone to follow. That kid graduated last year. He has done nothing about going to college and has a part time job only. The
grandson can't believe that his friend feels that just getting by is good enough, that he has no desire to go to college, get a better job and be independant. NOW our grandson is seeing the light. Thank the Lord!
Starting my Indian Maiden dress today. All of these adult costumes for women have very short skirts. But I have to make this one appropriate for my DIL to wear to school. She will wear it when they all have to dress up as a person from history. She will be Sacajawia or Pochahontis (I'm sure I spelled them wrong).
Everyone have a fantabulous day!

Grammylew in Jax


Monica B.
on 8/21/11 10:41 pm - Emery, SD
Wow you do amaze me. Are the kids and your DIL going back to the school that was damaged in the spring storms?
Maybe your Gson will learn life lessons at this military school, even better and book learning.

on 8/22/11 4:10 am - Jacksonville, NC
Monica, our DIL's school was the one damaged. A DoD school on base. They are starting the new year crammed into another base school. Our younger grandson goes to an Onslow County school and it wasn't damaged.
Yep, I think my OR grandson is beginning to think this may be an opportunity rather than a punishment. I sure hope so.
Our DIL will be bringing in the school calander this afternoon, for both the DoD school and the county school. I make calanders with all the days off, exams, teacher work days, etc. I bind them so when you open it up one month covers both pages, with space for the teachers to make notes, and DIL gives them out. The first year I did like 3, now I'm up to about 15.
I do like to keep busy!

Grammylew in Jax


annette R.
on 8/21/11 11:26 pm - ithaca, NY
Good morning Monica & all,

Oh Monica!!! Guess you know that the POUCH RULES with a mighty hand. Take it easy today.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Marcy's Mom yesterday. Our job was to help her sort through boxes for the move to an apartment. It was like sorting through my own mother's stuff. The Fostoria, lace pillowcases and do dad's were all from the same era. She always gives me a true MOM hug too.

I had to leave but Marcy stayed. She stopped in on her way home. Baxter goes completely bonkers when Marcy walks inside.

Seeing the bruise on Marcy's leg gave me a jolt. I'm not so patiently waiting to hear what her doctor says this morning.

Shoot - I'm late- gotta RUN!!

 Annette     Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting           
on 8/21/11 11:36 pm - Danforth, ME
Good Morning Monica and OFF-

Monica congrats on the 294 days of sobriety!  Sorry about your upset tummy.  I wouldn't call it a Stupid Monica Trick I'd call it a reminder from your modified tummy.  Brunhilda (my new stomach) gave me a few lessons last week about eating too fast or eating too much.

Rainy day here in Maine today, so I will devote my time to the retirement quilt and data entry of some scientific articles.  The quilt is progressing but I really need to focus on finsihing it by the end of the month so it can be quilted and shipped in time for the retirement party on Oct. 9.  And of course in the middle of all this I'm taking a weird trip to NC twice.

I have a friend in NC who wants to come visit me in Maine but doesn't like to drive alone.   She doesn't like to fly because of her dog.  So she's giving me a ticket to fly to NC.  I'll take a couple of days to check on Mom and my godfather.  Then we'll drive to Maine.  We'll stay about 10 days in Maine and then I'll drive back with her to NC.  Then I'll fly home to Maine and about 3 weeks later I shutdown the cabins and go southwest for the winter.

Speaking of NC and rain, I have a friend fighting that fire at the Dismal Swamp up on the Virginia/NC border.  I wish that I could send the rain down there to help put out this wildfire.  The swamp is full of peat and despite efforts to put it out, it 's going to take a lot of rain to get it out completely.  While I wouldn't wish a Hurricane on anyone, I'm hoping that Hurricane Irene goes up the coast and gives them the rain they need to get this fire under control!

That's all from Maine.  Everyone have a great day!

HW - 351 SW 0 342  SurgW - 298!  1st. Seminar July 2010 Surgery  August 1, 2011  
Eileen Briesch
on 8/21/11 11:47 pm - Evansville, IN
Hi Monica and my OFF family:

Yeah, the fried foods don't agree with me, either. I tolerate them in extreme moderation ... like maybe a piece of fried chicken once in a while ... or a couple of fried shrimp, or a few french fries ... but that's about it. Ice cream is another problem. I can handle the little dixie cups and that's it. If I eat more than that, I will be in extreme pain ... unfortunately, I don't throw up; I have very bad cramps and then explosive bowel movements (sorry, I know, tmi).

I am up early because (a) I was supposed to go to the dentist for the crown prep, but I don't have the $600 needed ... had too many expenses/bills out of this paycheck and only have half the money left; and (b) cleaning fairy coming. What really killed me was the $127 in prescriptions/other needed items at the drugstore. Ouch! I miss my FSA!

So I will suffer another month with this bad tooth. And I'll be sleepy all day ... I may go into work early because I'm doing football tab work tonight and can go in anytime and leave anytime, just get the work done. Depends on how I feel.

Anyway, that's all that's going on here. Hot as usual, 82 degrees and headed up to triple digits again. Have a good day, stay cool.

Eileen Briesch

lap rny 6-29-04

[email protected]




Patricia R.
on 8/21/11 11:56 pm - Perry, MI
Good Morning Monica and OFF Family,
So sorry you had that food episode like that.  I have had that happen, and it is not pretty.  Congrats on the 294 days.  That is awesome.  Keep up the good work.  Looks like you are two months from a year now, roughly.

Sunday was an adventure for me.  I did some shopping for a baby shower I can't go to, because it is the same day as my move downstairs.  I went to a sporting goods shirts store, and got the baby a Phillies outfit with a onesie, a bib, booties and sippy cups.  The couple got engages at Citizens Bank Park, where the Phillies play, so I thought that would be appropriate.  I also got my nephew a retro Phillies T-shirt for his birthday.  His party is also on my moving day.  Last night I went to a friend's for dinner, and to meet some young adults from my church, who I see regularly, but never got to know.  We had a good time playing a kids game, as the hostess has two young children.  It was a lot of fun.

Today, I have to go to the lab to get bloodwork done for my 5 year post op appointment.  I also need to get my INR done for my coumadin level.  We have not been able to get it stable in over a month.   Then I have to get to my AA meeting.  I also have to start packing my work clothes. 

Hope everyone has a blessed day. 

Seek always to do some good, somewhere. Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth. You must give some time to your fellow man. For remember, you don't live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here too.
Albert Schweitzer

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