Thank you Jan S!

karen C.
on 8/27/11 7:00 am - Kennewick, WA
I really did try to post my new picture, but to no avail. I sent Jan S my info and she managed to negotiate the site for me. Thanks Girlfriend!

Karen C

on 8/27/11 8:56 am - Alexander, AR
Nice!  Love your hair longer!



karen C.
on 8/27/11 11:52 am - Kennewick, WA

Hi Susan, This is the 2nd trim after the body wave for Nathan's wedding on July 3. About one more trim and it will be gone. Forgot how much hair I still have. May try to do it again. Costs a lot and I'm cheap but I have enjoyed it. Nice to see you.

Karen C

Nancy B
on 8/27/11 3:38 pm - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada
You are looking so awesome, lady!!!
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Connie D.
on 8/28/11 4:27 am look great in short hair but I really like the look of it long too.....very attractive!!

Great smile too!!!

Love to you....hugs too.....connie d
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