Manic Monday What's UP all?

Monica B.
on 9/18/11 10:26 pm - Emery, SD
Morning all, sober 323 days and so proud of me.
Laundry going, sheets changed, RV ready to go. Only 2 doctor appointments today, hubby and me. Vertigo is still there but not as bad.
Watching Fox & Friends, 15th anniversary for show. Glad we invite them into our home each day.
Not much going on, quiet, but good.
Prayers and hugs for you all. Monica

annette R.
on 9/18/11 11:07 pm - ithaca, NY
Good morning Monica and all.

Monica - have you decided how you will celebrate 365 days? A nice piece of jewelry would be my first choice.

Baxter goes for his neutering tomorrow, I am so nervous even though it must be done.

Saturday I attended a water aerobics class run by an instructor who is new to me. Excellent work out. He is a Cornell professor, a Vet and teaches Vets too. In his spare time he does bike marathons. Throughout the exercises he explained which muscle groups we were using and how to compensate so we wouldn't get sore.

Brrr cold out again. Time to dig out some long johs and thermals.

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on 9/19/11 12:23 am - Cibolo, TX
RNY on 02/22/11 with

Good morning, Monica and Annette!  And all my OFF sistas to come!

Oh, it is peaceful and quiet in my house this morning.  Little Benny went home yesterday evening.  I had a great time keeping that sweet baby boy, but I have to admit, it was wonderful to go to bed early and sleep late today. 

Monica, I have to agree with Annette: Jewelry would be a wonderful marker for your 1 year milestone!  Jewelry is always my first pick for a gift, too.  Glad you only have 2 dr. appts today and that you are feeling better with the vertigo.

Annette, I just can't believe you're ready for long johns.  It's still too hot here every day.  I'm just ready to get out of the 90s (or triple digits) and down into the 80s for the day.  However, we did get a bit more RAIN last night!  That's 2 days in a row.  Thank you, Lord!

I don't know what I'm going to tackle today.  I need to paint.  I need to hang curtains.  I need to go car shopping while I'm here.  So many choices for this week. 

Hope you all have a happy Monday!  Love you all!


annette R.
on 9/19/11 3:35 am - ithaca, NY

I'll trade this cold and rain for your warm temps. If only we had a magic wand. Magic Wand
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Connie D.
on 9/19/11 1:02 am
Good morning Monica and everyone.....

I am just relaxing this morning as Nic and Grace are both at school. I have a bunch of laundry to do but I am enjoying my quiet time first.....I need it for ME! are almost at a year already that is so awesome!! I agree.... get something special to mark that anniversary. You have done such a great job!!!!

Annette......I am with you....I am bundled in a fleece lined jogging suit with a long sleeve t -shirt underneath. Warm heavy slippers on my feet!! Got my warm blankets out and back on my bed....I am so not ready for this cold weather!!

Vickie....glad you got some much needed extra sleep. Taking care of a little one is a lot of work!!

I will check in again later.

Have a great day everyone. Prayers for those in need.

Love and hugs to all.....connie d

annette R.
on 9/19/11 3:38 am - ithaca, NY

An electric mattress pad cover is heavenly!! I have fewer aches and pains from the cold with mine. More comforting than an electric blanket. You might consider one for yourself.

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Connie D.
on 9/19/11 11:30 am
Annette.....I never knew they made electric mattress pads....I will be checking into that for sure!!

Thanks my friend.....HUGS and LOVE....connie d
on 9/20/11 12:24 am - Cibolo, TX
RNY on 02/22/11 with
Connie, I have electric mattress pads on all my beds.  They are wonderful!  Such a gentle warmth rising up from beneath you.  Put a down comforter on top and you will be warm as toast!  Plus, the mattress pads don't develop hot spots like electric blankets do.  Highly recommend them!


Connie D.
on 9/20/11 9:52 am
Vickie...thanks for the post....I think I will get one soon. I am sure it will help with my Arthiritis and Fibromyalgia too!!

Hugs....connie d
on 9/19/11 11:15 am - Shelbyville, MI
Hi Connie...did you do the eliptical today?????
Take time for yourself and just do 10 minutes! Hugs and I'm keeping you in my prayers...happiness for you is just around the corner. YOU are loved and appreciated.

My youngest SD is having her 4th baby in October, I can't wait. Another baby! Even though I never had my own children I sure do enjoy my grandbabies.
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