Thursday Morning wake up call

Mag (Marguerite) P.
on 10/26/11 7:51 pm - Green Valley, AZ
Hello to all this AM,

       Actually I am still up. Got my days and nights mixed up a bit. Which leads me to my story of yesterday. About 9:45AM I was sitting and thinking about what work I needed to do for the day. Then I remembered I had a doctor's appointment at 10:15. I went running down the hall grabbing towels etc. as I went. Jumped in the shower and took a double-fast shower. Why am I telling you this? Because I went potty just before my shower. I got out of the shower and couldn't figure out why the floor was flooded. Then I heard that terrible noise of a toilet still running.  I was none too happy. I had a lot of clean up to do but had to race out to get to the doctor's. I was in the car, engine running, when I thought I'd check the appointment time. You guessed it. My appointment wasn't until NEXT Wednesday.
    Go ahead and laugh. I am.
    Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day.   Hugs to all.    Mag
Laureen S.
on 10/26/11 11:04 pm - Maple Shade, NJ
Morning Mags, OFFr's,

That is funny, though I don't think I'd have been laughing had it been me, though I would looking back at it. . .

My day is going to be like any other work day and when it's over it will be time to go home and Owen will come over, as last night he ran out of steam, to fix a door that sticks in my house, I will feed him some of my delicious split pea soup made with smoked turkey legs meat and carrots and then we will head out to our AA homegroup meeting.

Last night I baked some awesome carrot muffins, low-fat, made with whole wheat flour, though I used the Splenda brown sugar/blend, which I don't have an adverse reaction to, besides which it only called for half a cup for the whole batch, which netted 15 muffins in all.  They are yummy and I got the recipe from Sparkpeople.  I'm in that mode of baking and cooking and soon enough I won't have (heck I'm there) room in my freezer for all the goodies I've been baking and cooking lately, it's that time of year.  Good news is I am still maintaining my weight by staying on top of what I am eating.  Trying to keep my calorie intake below 1400 per day, doing ok on most days.

Well that's about it for me, hope you all have a great day, wishing peace and strength to those facing life's tougher challenges.

Hugs, Laureen

My Mantra is that I do not determine my success by the number hanging in my closet, nor will I let the scale determine that success either. . .  It is through trial and error I will continue to grow and succeed. . .  Laureen

"Success is a journey, not a destination."  Ben Sweetland

on 10/27/11 12:06 am - Cibolo, TX
RNY on 02/22/11 with
Good morning Mag and all my OFF sistas!

Okay, you're right, Mag.  I laughed!  Sorry, but you told it funny!  But hey, look at what you said in your story.  You went RUNNING down the hall!  Way to go, girlfriend!  You're getting close to that magical ONEDERLAND mark, aren't you?  So proud of you.

Laureen, I'm really proud of you, too.  Such a journey you have made, and I really appreciate your posts.  I always learn something from you.

So, I'm up this morning with the AC running, waiting on our promised cold front today.  I hope the weatherman is right, because I went through my closet yesterday and got rid of almost all my summer things.  Y'all won't believe this, but I filled up another drum sized trash bag with clothes!  Sometimes I wonder if having these big walk-in closets is a good thing or not.  Lord, the money I have spent on clothes of all sizes over the years trying to "look good".  Better I should have saved that money and had WLS years ago. 

Glad to hear from Nan and know that she's doing okay.  Still puffy, but no worse.  Glad to hear that little Morgan is holding her own against that damn cancer.  So hard to understand why a baby should have to fight a monster like that.

I was pretty happy when I stepped on the scale this morning.  I've begun to think of this journey in 5 lb increments.  When I reached 195 a couple weeks ago, I set a new goal of 190.  This morning I was at 192.4.  I told my husband I would do my best to be in the 180's by the time he gets back home in 3 weeks.  I would like to be at 185, but we'll see.  I really, really want to lose at least 100 lbs total on this journey.  That would put me at 175. 

However, like I posted on the other thread this morning, I've been struggling with wanting candy and snacks again.  Damn Halloween.  I do my best not to even walk near the candy aisle at the store.  And for some reason I've been craving baked goods lately.  I think I must be like Laureen.  It's that time of year and I want to bake.  I have a good friend from my Weigh****cher days and she always tells me, "Carbs are the work of the devil!"  I think she is right.

So, I have much to do today and I need to get started.  You can always tell when my husband is gone, because I get lonely and have no one to talk to.  My posts get longer and longer as I "talk" to you all!  LOL!  Thanks so much for being my support group and my friends.  Just having this forum to go to daily really does help pull me along on my journey.  God bless each and every one of you, sistas!


Judy G.
on 10/27/11 12:19 am - Galion, OH

(((Vickie))) Aww Vickie you are so sweet!!! All those clothes that you are giving to the shelters for those that need them!!!

You will get to your goal!! Remember when you thought you would NEVER get under 200? LOL Look at where you are now!!! Under 200!!! See I told you that you would get there!!!  ;-)

And you can "talk" all you want here when your hubby is gone or even home....heck I rattle on and on at times...I have no friends or family here in Ohio to talk to so I come here to "talk" to my friends and family!!!

Ok need to get my butt in gear and get stuff done....


Laureen S.
on 10/27/11 1:18 am - Maple Shade, NJ
Thanks for your kind words Vickie,

You know for most of us I think carbs set off the phenomenon of craving, like alcohol does for those of us who are alcoholics.  I really pay close attention to the ones I ingest and have to be diligent about logging so I can keep track of them, I allow myself mostly the healthy kind found in fruits and veggies, but whole wheat and whole grains are a part of my daily regime as well, but for you, it is best to strictly adhere to your program, otherwise it will interfere with you losing, once you are on maintenance you will then find your way with what works for you.

It's good that we can be company for you when the hubby is away.

Hugs, Laureen

My Mantra is that I do not determine my success by the number hanging in my closet, nor will I let the scale determine that success either. . .  It is through trial and error I will continue to grow and succeed. . .  Laureen

"Success is a journey, not a destination."  Ben Sweetland

on 10/27/11 2:14 am - Cibolo, TX
RNY on 02/22/11 with
Laureen--you are so right!  I hear you and Eileen and Pat and others talk about your baking, and I just ITCH to get back in my kitchen and start cooking.  But I know better.  White flour and sugar just set off the binges in me!  Right now, the most carb I let myself have (besides fruits and veggies, of course), is a whole wheat bagel thin or some whole wheat crackers.  Maybe a few cheerios in my yogurt.  Oh, I just have to be so careful!  Last week I ate one of the baby's ginger snaps and I almost went bonkers.  Made Christie take the whole bag out to her car and lock it up.  And then I thought about that cookie for days.  Crazy, huh?

My family are supportive of me, but I know they miss my baking, too.  However, to show their support, they've all agreed that I shouldn't try to cook a big Thanksgiving meal this year for everybody.  The pies, the rolls, the cornbread dressing--oh, it would all be too much for me! 

Instead, we are talking about taking the whole family on a mini-vacay to one of the big casinos for turkey day weekend.  We can have our Thanksgiving dinner at one of the big buffets there.  I think that sounds more like something I could handle.  Plus, no dishes to wash!  LOL!

I don't know if I've shared this or not, but my daddy was an alcoholic.  Or at least a very heavy drinker all my life.  As a result, I don't drink much.  I've always been afraid it would get control of me like it did him.  I really admire you for your sobriety, along with Monica and Trish and others.  I know what a hard road that is, even if I haven't travelled it myself.

{{{Hugs back}}}

Laureen S.
on 10/27/11 2:28 am - Maple Shade, NJ
Addiction is found in many areas of life, not just at the bottom of a bottle or in drug form and food for some of us (if we want to be real honest), most of us, is just a different form of it and so, no it is not crazy.  Food, sex, drugs, alcohol (to name just a few) all affect the same pleasure sensors in our brain and for some of us, it is that area of the brain that is overdeveloped from years of feeding it. . .  part of the reason the OA (Overeaters Anonymous) program is one based on abstinence from sugar and other products that convert to sugar in our bodies and therefore set off that craving to have more, until there is no more. . .  see the correlation between food addiction and alcohol?  Transfer of Addiction is another thing many people experience on this journey of ours and I know of at least 3 people in my support group who are now members of AA and those are only the ones I know who have admitted their problem, others have resorted to shopping, even plastic surgery, there is so much that goes along with obesity (addictive behaviors).

The time can come where you will learn to adapt to eating in a way that you can live with and still have the family gatherings you and your family are so used to, but I'd say the idea of TG elsewhere this year might be a good idea, maximize you first 18 to 24 months, because after that, you become just like anyone else.

Hugs, Laureen

My Mantra is that I do not determine my success by the number hanging in my closet, nor will I let the scale determine that success either. . .  It is through trial and error I will continue to grow and succeed. . .  Laureen

"Success is a journey, not a destination."  Ben Sweetland

Judy G.
on 10/27/11 12:13 am - Galion, OH

Morning Mag and OFF family!!

Well it is chilly here and rain again!! 47* and calling for some sleet ice pellets mixed in with the rain today...YUCK!!! Did you see the snow that Colorado got yesterday?? WOW!!! They can keep it there!!! I am NOT ready for it here!!!

Mag that is funny about your days mixed up because I also have done that I can relate!! Just glad that you didn't waste your gas making the trip!!! As for the mess in the sorry about that one!!!

Laureen...WOOHOOO!!! You are maintaining your weight!!! You go girlfriend!!! :-)

Well I guess the elephants are getting the hint that they are making too much noise...Rick fires back when they make noise because he fires right back with the same type of noise except the stomping of the feet!! See how long before they finally stop it!! LOL

Hurting some today in upper back/shoulder neck area and have a headache. Taking the upper doseage of the medication makes me tired somewhat but so far I don't see any improvement. Going to look for one of those heating pads for the bed you all talk about. I use my heating pad on my back but want to try for the rest of my body. Maybe that is what would really help more.

Put in my request for a couple days off for a trip home for Christmas so I can see my family again. Especially my grandaughters faces when they see their afghans I made them!!! Just about finished the first one and then I start the second one. Going to get the bright colored ones done first then do the normal one last. LOL.

Well that is about it for me. Need to hit the shower and get some things done around here before work today. Beef Stew came out so good yesterday...YUMMMM!!!!!

Thoughts and Prayers for all that need them!!!!


on 10/27/11 12:56 am - Cibolo, TX
RNY on 02/22/11 with

Check out this link: ated-Electric-Mattress-Pad/5885750/product.html

This is the type of heated mattress pad I've been talking about.  It doesn't get HOT like a heating pad, so don't expect that.  But if you'll pre-warm your bed for 15 mins before you get in it, you won't believe how lovely it is!  I have very cold feet (like blocks of ice, Butch says), and I can never sleep until they warm up.  This mattress pad does the trick every time and I sleep like a baby.

Be sure and layer your top sheet and blankets over it properly.  First the sheet, then a thin blanket (if you have one) and then a heavier blanket on top.  The heat rises and is trapped in the layers and it's like you're sleeping in a warm and toasty cocoon!  I get so relaxed and comfortable that I drop right off to sleep.

Hope this helps you!  Oh, and I bought my first heated mattress pad at Sam's.  Also have bought one from Tuesday Morning.  This last one I purchased for Hilltop came from, so you can find them in all price ranges.  Just be sure and get one with dual controls.

Judy G.
on 10/27/11 4:21 am - Galion, OH

Thanks for this info!!! I see in our paper there is a sale so going to go look at them tomorrow after work. Also pay day!! I know Rick is a hot box but he is also full of pain so at first I was only going to get a twin size but heck might as well get a queen for us both because he could benefit from the heat as well. He has ruptured discs from when he rode his bike in BMX tournaments and all that stuff and also has arthritis in his back. Has a pinched nerve in his leg also.

All this stuff on my bed I will have to start getting King size sheets so they fit!!! LOL

Thanks again!!


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