WAY OFF TOPIC! Down Memory Lane. . .

karen C.
on 1/28/12 1:36 am - Kennewick, WA

I just replied to "nunini" on the What's New. Sorry I don't know your first name. I understand if you don't want to share it. I finally got "grammylew's" out of her. . .

Anyway, my reply brought back some wonderful memories of my "awkward" years. We live in a desert climate. Summer temps climb into the low 100s during July and August. NO AC back then so I spent a lot of time mostly in, but sometimes under, a big willow tree in my backyard reading. The willow branches hung to the ground and I would beg Dad not to trim them off. They made a perfect shady tent. 

I won't repeat it all here but I'd like to hear about your favorite reading spot as a kid.

When it was normal weather I'd retreat to my room and spread out on my bed and read as long as I could get away with it. Unfortunately most of what I read was not the least bit like real life but I guess it doesn't hurt to have a fantasy for a few years before reality sets in!

I guess if Title IX had arrived a few years earlier I would have probably been more like my daughter. She was involved in lots of sports from middle school on. She loves to read now, but found little time for any reading other than required stuff in her teens. I might have healthier too!

Karen C

Judy G.
on 1/28/12 3:59 am - Galion, OH

Hmmm guess it was on my bed or on the porch. I always had horse stories to read or the Nancy Drew books. Thats about all that I can remember right now...


karen C.
on 1/28/12 11:05 am - Kennewick, WA
I started with the BOX CAR CHILDAREN books and then discovered Walter Farley's horse books. I devoured those in about 4th grade.

Karen C

Judy G.
on 1/28/12 10:15 pm - Galion, OH

In my later years...back in the 80's...i read V.C. Andrews Flowers in the attic....the whole sequal to that and then the next several series...when she started the one with grandp-pa and grandma-ma or something like that I couldn't take that type of language it drove me up the wall....lol so I lost interest in her books...would love to get all of the books she wrote to get back into them again but way to expensive for me to do that now...I do have the whole sequal to the Flowers in the Attic though which is my favorite...read them several times.

I also read Mary Higgins Clark, and some true life crime stories...different authors...wish I could get back into reading again...just can't afford to buy the books anymore...and if I gt a library book it HAS to be read soon and not take my time..but IF they are interesting it will be finished in a couple days....LOL


on 1/29/12 10:02 am

I read the box car kids and the little house books and I read every biography and autobiography that I could get my hands on.  I use to go through one of those blue biographies a day.  I read all of the presidents and explorers and famous men and women.  I started reading fantasy and science fiction when I was just a kid.  I was never a fan of romance and did read the flowers in the attic books until it started getting too weird…actually, VC Andrews had already died and her children were pumping them out and you could tell the difference between her books and those that her kids wrote.  

I don't think there's a King book or Koontz that I haven't read.  But, I like the classics too and have all those free ones downloaded on my ipad and am rereading them.  I have read some of Clark's books but after about four or so you can kind of predict what's up.   

on 1/28/12 4:18 am - Brookfield, IL
VSG on 04/16/12
I love books and reading. I, too, am into the fantasy. I used to read very trashy romance novels in the old days. Now I like to read Christian fiction.

When I was a teen I had a very tiny bedroom with a twin bed and a dresser. I would sit on the hard wood floor between the bed and dresser and read for hours. I was hiding from my two younger brothers who loved to bug me.

My husband recenly bought me a kindle. I cannot tolerate it. My books are like art. I stare at my bookshelves and see beauty.

My world didnt include options like playing outside or being in sports, when I was a kid. The only escape from reality that I had was reading. The library was my heaven.

I loved this question. It made me recall a time I had long forgotten.

Blessings, Sharon
Judy G.
on 1/28/12 10:16 pm - Galion, OH

I don't understand those Kindle things at all...lol A book is a book not a machine... :-)


on 1/28/12 10:52 pm
Judy, that's what I thought until I got my Ipad and I love it.  I can carry millions of books and magazines and newspapers and pdf files in my purse and get a book at a second's notice.  I use my ipad all the time.  It feels like a machine but reads and sounds and relates like a bood.  I love it.  
Judy G.
on 1/28/12 10:53 pm - Galion, OH
I know they are expensive but how much to download a book?

on 1/29/12 1:36 am
You can get tons of free books from amazon, google books, and other places and the ones you pay for are usually cheaper than the print copies.
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