Is it Thursday?

Mag (Marguerite) P.
on 4/4/12 10:55 pm, edited 4/5/12 3:54 am - Green Valley, AZ
Hello to all my OFF family,

     Thought I would get this going this morning. Woke up at 4:30 and can't go back to bed. TOO wide awake. I'm done pet sitting but have 3 more scheduled for the next two months. Is it strange that I couldn't work for 19 years due to physical and emotional problems. Now I have 2 businesses that are off to a great start. Hope it continues.
     Must go and get some coffee.   Hugs to all and prayers too.
on 4/4/12 11:14 pm - Danforth, ME
Good Morning Mag and OFF-

I haven't posted for a while as I've been busy.  But yesterday I came to the realization that I was slipping into my old habits of working and mindlessly eating.  This morning I am wired and angry at myself and just want to cry.

I have always taken great pride in my work and ethics.  Even as a volunteer I give 150%.  Yesterday I had a meeting with government employees where I summarized mistakes that I had found in the property records.   Two of the three people I met with were receptive but one simply denied it.  I cannot stand apathy and mediocrity in the workplace.  I couldn't when I got paid and apparently I can't when I volunteer.  So after doing two water fitness workouts I dealt with the continued frustration by eating.  Eating to the point of pain.  Then I went home burped and ate a brownie.  I am so disgusted with myself this morning and I am seriously thinking about rethinking whether I come back here next year.

But Mother Nature did send me a sign this morning.  This morning when I came into the driveway there were two baby killdeer chicks running in front of the car.  There were some glorious yellow mushrooms that have sprouted as well.  That's why I volunteer so I can experience these moments.  I also saw a coyote this morning and a wild pig. 

So I have to take a deep breath and settle back into the routine of using this tool I gave myself.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Connie D.
on 4/4/12 11:22 pm
Good morning Mag and everyone......

Just popping in to say hello and to let you know I am doing okay. Life is a bit of a mess right now but it will work out somehow!!

Wishing you all a beautiful day. Thanks for being here for me. I love you all and appreciate you so much!! Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.

Praying for so many in need. Hope the prayers are helping.

Much love and many hugs to all....connie d
on 4/5/12 12:13 am - Jacksonville, NC
Good mornin' ya'll.
Cindi you sound so discouraged. I know the feeling exactly. Both with staff and with mindless eating. I have been doing that for awhile. I'm pretty sure I am back on track. I hope it lasts. No, I KNOW it will last!
Well I spent the weekend in Vegas at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Had a fantastic time! Courtesy of my daughter. And I love her friends we all hung with. The president of the co (my daughter is the COO), and then a couple my daughter always hooks up with on these trips. The wife is the one who works in the Taco Bell industry the husband is a stay at home Dad. They are all a hoot and a half!
My daughter is definately going through with the divorce. Her hubby blew up both our phones all weekend with texts and voicemail. Begging her to come back, begging me to talk some sense into her. Then she went to see an attorney on Tuesday and man is she gonna get reamed! Her hubby ha**** the lottery. In OR there is a formula for spousal support, child support etc. he hasn't worked for almost 9 years so she will be paying him $5000 a month in alimony for 5 to 10 years (the judge has some discretion on that). One more year and she would have paid him that for life! They will have joint custody, but she still has to pay hubby $1500/mo in child support!!! (that leaves her about $2000/mo take home pay) Then, her half of the interest in the business will be $700,000, cash! Her half of the equity in the house, cars, HHG will be deducted from that, but it won't be much.
She is gonna have to find a much cheaper apartment than she had planned. She will have to furni**** and she is still paying for both kids to go to private school. BUT, she says even if she has to live in a tent and beg for food, it will be worth it to be rid of him!! I had no idea of the stress and mental anguish he has put her through! And God knows what other kinds of abuse! She may have to cash in the IBM stock I gave her, and I may have to give her more. I wish we lived closer, she could live with us for a year or two.
Well, I'm sorry to ramble on about my family problems. I am now in tears so I better go.
Everyone have a fantabulous day!

Grammylew in Jax


Eileen Briesch
on 4/5/12 5:44 am - Evansville, IN
Sorry your daughter is having to pay so much to her soon-to-be ex. My cousin did the same with her ex ... even bought him a condo and a car. She lives in Illinois. She did this willingly, though, because she wanted him out of the house and wanted to be free of him. He died a couple of years later. He was extremely obese and lazy ... had a heart condition and diabetes and couldn't work. She had a home-based business to support them both and their kids for years. She said when he died, she cried because he was still her friend but she just couldn't live with him anymore. She realized after they got married it was a mistake, but she was pregnant and didn't want to get a divorce, because you just didn't do that back then (in the 60s). So she just toughed it out.

She is now married to her high school sweetheart and so happy. She said this is the guy she should have married ... but who knew?  She made the best of her mistake and got out of it eventually ... it cost her a lot ... your daughter will do the same, she sounds like an intelligent woman, a savvy businesswoman. It will be tough at first, but she will be OK.

Eileen Briesch

lap rny 6-29-04

[email protected]




on 4/5/12 6:51 am - Jacksonville, NC
I'm sure our daughter will come out of this stronger than ever. Our grandson doesn't care who he lives with as long as he is still in the house. Either one of them could decide to buy the other one out of the house. Or they could decide to sell the house. The grandson would not be happy at all! Our granddaughter is happy splitting her time between both parents.
At the moment the soon to be ex is behaving very well. Going to AA, and counselling, and back on his meds. The kids think he is "all better" and our daughter should move back in. She is sure he is just doing this to impress the mediater. He has stopped drinking for up to 18 months before, but always goes back to his old ways.
Although he had said he was not gonna go easily and was gonna drag this out. When our daughter pointed out that as soon as the papers are filed with the court what is, is, financially speaking. He thought the longer he made things go, the more he would get from her business profits. He was not happy when his attorney confirmed this! HA!

Grammylew in Jax


Patricia R.
on 4/5/12 3:15 am - Perry, MI
 Hi Mag and OFF Family,
I got up late this morning and had to scoot to physical therapy.  From there to my family doctor.  I am very sick with another sinus infection.  Killer headache, low grade fever.  

I am getting ready to watch the Phillies game in 20 minutes.  Then, to my psychiatrist in the middle of the game.  On the way, I have to stop at RiteAid for my prescriptions.  

Tonight, I have Bible study at church, if I can get rid of this headache.

Have a blessed day.


Seek always to do some good, somewhere. Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth. You must give some time to your fellow man. For remember, you don't live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here too.
Albert Schweitzer

Eileen Briesch
on 4/5/12 5:38 am - Evansville, IN
Hi Mag and my OFF family:

Where is everyone lately? Hardly anyone posting lately.

Great to hear your businesses are blooming. I've tried to talk my brother into doing something like this, but he just waves me off. He still doesn't have a job but won't consider doing something on his own.

I woke up with a headache again today ... we had storms last night after I got home from running around. Gas is up to $4.06 here ... it was $3.92 Tuesday night when I was driving home.

Met with the cat sitter ... very nice woman, reminds me of my friend Jeanine in Michigan who also is a cat sitter. Then I went out to Target for a few things ... left my purse in the cart but couldn't see it there and had to limp back into the store to ask if someone found it ... the cart boy took my cart right away and that's why I couldn't see it. Oh well, at least I had it. Then I picked up dinner and came home to watch baseball. Which is what I'm doing now ... all day.

Still in jammies, too ... temp is down to 61 here and it's cloudy ... supposed to rain again today, which is why I had the headache (now gone). Magic pills (Imitrex) got rid of it.

Not much happening here today ... I plan to bake a cake to bring into work to celebrate my birthday early. Maybe do some unpacking (did a little yesterday). Have a good day everyone.

Eileen Briesch

lap rny 6-29-04

[email protected]




Judy G.
on 4/5/12 6:58 am - Galion, OH

Afternoon OFF family!

Been keeping busy sitting in the office collecting rent checks etc...3 more to go and all are paid til next month!

Nothing exciting happening here at all...guess that is why I haven't posted.

Rick's mom called ME the other day...OMG!!!! Ofcourse she wanted me to do a favor for her...figures. BUT she also told me they were ALL off for THIS sunday...EASTER. Well I didn't bite!!!  After the last few dinners we put on with them all invited and no shows or late or complaints on the food...not happening with me again!!! Rick feels the same way!!! So I didn't offer for them to come here...mean huh? Oh well. We don't need the agravation at all from them. Best let them stay away right now!!

Well its time for supper so need to go find some food. Hungry tonight.

Thoughts and Prayers for all that need them!!


on 4/5/12 11:27 am - Shelbyville, MI
Hi Mag and OFF family...just a drive by post, busy at work but I have Fri, Sat and Sun off. Yippppee!
Happy Easter to everyone, I'm singing with the choir then we are doing special music, our own quartet we started, hubby picked out the "Old Rugged Cross" and we sound great... LOL...okay patting myself on the shoulder here. I love singing with my hubby and I especially love singing with small groups. Oh heck...I just love to sing!

On another note I had "unplanned treats" we had an ice cream social for our Director who is leaving us. I told the nurse who coordinated the ice cream social I don't do ice cream (ever...I still remember the horrid pains I got when I tried ice cream at a year out...say let me die???? ugh)
So I told her I'd bring chips and guacamole, some of the other nurses knew I was eating healthy so one brought a bean dip and another brought fresh fruit...well after typing this I guess I didn't do too bad after all. Thanks to Mindful Eating and just being aware of what I put in my mouth.

...Now for Easter Sunday...gotta stay away from the grand kids Easter baskets! Damn, I love those Reese's peanut butter eggs! Okay I will eat boiled eggs instead. Gotta have a plan don't I?
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