O.T. Help Whip Cancer

Mag (Marguerite) P.
on 5/11/12 5:27 am - Green Valley, AZ
Hi everyone,
    Pampered Chef is selling a few pink items this month. $1.00 of every pink item sold goes to the American Cancer Society. If you spend $60.00 or more for any products including the pink items you will receive the pink scraper free.
    As a cancer survivor and a friend to all who have had it and/or fighting it now this is very dear to my heart.
    Please go to pamperedchef.com and see the items for sale. Do not order on line because I will not get credit for it. Email me or call me with your orders. Help us to make this the best year for our "May Help Whip Cancer" project.
   Thanks so much for your help.
   (520) 393-1723 Home
   (529) 370-6098 Cell
    [email protected]
     Mag (Pinkerton)
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