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on 6/15/12 2:47 pm - Bethalto, IL
 had surgery in september 2008, lost 148 pounds,kept my weight off untill, in March 2011 I had a series of strokes only to fine out I have a brain tumor talk about ROCKING my world. Well I returned to my food friend oh poor me. I have gained 45 pounds back. PLEASE PLEASE ME!!!! I am ready to start over I am happy with my life after these health issues. I just need to get back on track !!!!

HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandra C.
on 6/15/12 4:02 pm - Kalamazoo, MI
 How about a revision to a D.S. ? You can eat lots more protein, not feel hungry, and lose all your excess weight, easier to maintain your goal too. So sorry to hear about your tumor. It would be hard for anyone to stick to a restricted diet under those cir****tances. I like my D.S. because I can eat moe normal food choices, and digest with my pylorus. I've been eating summer fruits,  regular full fat, full sugar ice cream, popcorn, steak, bacon, sausage, ham, salads,baked potato w/ butter and sour cream, and a brownie. I feel like I would be gaining, but no, maintaining my goal weight  beautifully. I feel fine when I eat these foods, no dumping, or running to the bathroom mid meals. The last 5-10 lbs can come off with a little more protein in my diet, rather than the sweets. I'm just glad to know I can easily maintain by adding a few more carbs to my diet. 

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Mag (Marguerite) P.
on 6/15/12 9:55 pm - Green Valley, AZ
Hello Kitty,
    I'm only 18 months out. I can't offer much info for you except it's difficult, but we must tough it out to get back on track. What type of wls did you have?.  Just wanted you to know I'll be here to support you as you turn things around and get back to healthy eating and weight loss.   
Patricia R.
on 6/15/12 11:02 pm - Perry, MI
First, let me welcome you.  I must tell you, my dear sweet daughter-in-law, Casey Erin Clark, is from Bethalto, IL.  She is completing an extended tour with Les Miserables, and will be appearing in St. Louis in  The Sound of Music, as Maria.  I will be flying out there to see her, and would love to meet you.

I had RNY almost six years ago, and had about the same weight regain.  I am slowly losing the weight by getting back to basics, low carb, high protein, and increasing exercise.  Keep a food log.  I sometimes use Myfitnesspal.com.  There you can log your food and track your exercise.  

For me, the key is increasing my exercise.  I've had some health concerns that have made me limit my exercise a lot in the past few years.  But, even when I have had some orthopedic issues, I tried to take my dog for a good walk.  

I have lost about 20 pounds of my 45 pound regain.  It's taken some time, but it is working.  

Don't give up.  Check in here regularly.  Laureen posts a daily "Whatcha eating?" thread, and log in with your food plan.  Myfitnesspal also has an app for your smart phone.  

In any event.  It's possible to get back on track.  

One other suggestion, which I plan to do as well.  I am going back to Overeaters Anonymous, which is a 12 Step program fpr compulsive overeaters.  I am active in Alcoholics Anonymous, aand know that the Steps work.  

God bless you.  Check in daily with us.


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Albert Schweitzer

on 6/18/12 2:04 am
I'm there with ya!  I had my surg. 2/2007. I've gained 30 . I was at my lowest 145 after 2 serious illnesses, ( I loved it!) so I'm sure some of it was just the recovery process. I'm starting to hear the old demons in my head. You know the ones (you're going to be fat your whole life, etc). I knew it would be challenging to keep it off, but I'm struggling real bad! We have to hang in there together as a group.  I've GOT to get this off!


on 6/18/12 3:58 am - Bethalto, IL
Feel like if I could get the pre surgery diet information I would be a good start can not remember what the rule where. Oh its not the food I over eat its the junk food I should know better. I started at 325 got down to 175 that is where I wanted to be.
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