Super hot Sunday

Mag (Marguerite) P.
on 7/1/12 2:30 am - Green Valley, AZ

Good Morning to my OFF pals,
     It looks as if people still can not connect today. Things in AZ are quiet. I'm still drowsy. It's this new medication I guess. Hope I adjust to it quickly. Can't spend every day like this. There is no way I can drive to church today.
     Everyone take care. Enjoy your day,   Mag  

Eileen Briesch
on 7/1/12 3:45 am - Evansville, IN
Hi Mag and my OFF family:

Looks like you and Trish both posted, but nobody has responded.

I'm watching the All-star selection show. Three White Sox got on. I'm happy.

Not much else going on ... got to work today. It's 100 degrees. Have a good one.

Eileen Briesch

lap rny 6-29-04

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on 7/1/12 4:18 am, edited 7/1/12 4:18 am - Canada
It's Canada Day here in Ottawa ( July 1 here is like your July 4). 

Watched the tight formation of 9 Snowbirds over Parliament Hill twice, once West to East past my windows, and later in a fan North to South, breaking over my building....saw them previously in the southern sky at 9.30 am doing their test runs over  airport south of the city. I look forward to seeing them every year from my downtown eerie on the 21st floor as they seem to fly in formation at my height (I'm on a hill as well so have a great viewpoint). Tonight there will be fireworks over Parliament Bldgs and the Ottawa River, cannot see the Parliamentary Hill from my balcony, but always look forward to the fireworks...

This afternoon watching the Euro 2012 Final Spain vs Italy on TSN...Nice cooler day today as we have had it very hot here (so glad for AC when I need it).  What a great lazy day!  And tomorrow is a repeat, as our statutory holiday fell on a Sunday, all shops are shut tomorrow and working people get another holiday!  Out in the 'burbs the BBQ's are working 2 days in a row!
on 7/1/12 6:18 am - Cibolo, TX
RNY on 02/22/11 with
Hi Mag!  Oh happy day!  I have the house all to myself today!  NO baby, NO Christie--just me and the dogs.  Ask me if I am enjoying my freedom!?!?

Talked to Butch for an hour this morning.  He's back in Saudi.  He'll only be there 48 hours and then he starts the long journey home.  Should fly in Weds morning on the 4th.  I am so ready to throw my arms around that man!

Making beef stew for supper tonight.  It's one of Benny's favorites.  Also sitting here paying bills.  NOT one of my favorites, but it sure is easier to do it without a toddler pulling on my arm or my mouse.  Spent most of the day lazing around in bed, reading a book, took a long bubble bath--just a very pleasant Sunday.

Hope everyone is doing well.  Love you all!


Connie D.
on 7/1/12 7:01 am
Vickie...I am so happy you are finally having some YOU time!  I can relate after having Gracie all last week. We had so much fun but I was so exhausted!!

Glad Butch will be home soon!!

Love and hugs....connie d
Judy G.
on 7/1/12 6:31 am - Galion, OH

WOW OH is finally up and running again huh? Wonder if it is them or if its the weather??

Anyhow the weather here is HOT and everytime I go out it feels like my shoes are melting on my feet!!! Yes it really feels like they are!! Hate going out in this heat!! Was so muggy this morning when I had to go open up I bet you could cut the air with a knife!! YUCK!

Woman that has been doing drugs was outside this morning with her leash yelled to her to get that dog on a leash NOW!!! She said OK. Hope she movesout like she is supposed to in 30 days!!! She was given a letter to do so the other day because of breaking the rules in her lease. Drugs and diorderly conduct towards her neighbors. See how it goes soon enough.

Galion is having or should I say is supposed to have their fireworks tonight. BUT looks like a storm is on the way so IF that happens they will not have them until LABOR DAY!!!! Yeah Labor Day!! Can you believe that??? And today isn't even July 4th yet!!!! Idiots!!

Went to the store for groceries and bought lots of fruit this time. No goodies!!!  So hope I can get some weight off!!! Sre going to try!!!

Well Rick is calling so better go see what he needs me for.

Thoughts and Prayers for all that need them!!


Connie D.
on 7/1/12 7:10 am
Good morning Mag and everyone....

Mag....hope the meds can be adjusted so you feel better soon.

Judy....sounds like you have a lot going on in your building right now. Hope things settle down soon!

I haven't posted on here since Thursday. I sure have missed everyone!! 

I drove 9 hours Friday to return my grandchildren to their homes. I no sooner got home and off I went with some friends. At least they drove!!

I was at a party in a town near here all day and half the night yesterday. Three of my friends have birthdays on the same day. It was tons of fun!! I got home at 5:30AM today. I slept in until 12:30PM. I intend to stay home today!!

Wishing you all a wonderful day! Prayers for those in need.

Love and many hugs to all....connie d