We can come home again.

karen C.
on 7/17/13 3:13 pm - Kennewick, WA

I can't even remember when was the last time I stopped by even to read posts. Just kind of got out of the habit. Busy, healthy, living life fully. I have so much energy that I seldom sit still long enough even to read the newspaper.

I still see lots of familiar faces. Connie, I just now found your personal note. Thanks for thinking of me. I think of you often too. 

Cindy, I am so sorry that I didn't even get a chance to call you when we were in Newport, Oregon over the July 4th holiday. Crazy busy for 5 days. Our house was on 98th just past the airport in South Beach. My brother and his 5 grown kids and families had another house rented in Waldport. We had 35 family members together for evening meals alternation between the two places.  We found time to take the grandkids to the wonderful aquarium. Also found time to shop with my cousin and her daughter in the wonderful little shops at Nye Beach.  Went to Cape Perpetua and hiked a couple of miles. Maybe next time.

In a nutshell. I was diagnosed in September with Adult Onset ADD. I think that perhaps it has been there many years but I "tamed" it by sedating myself with food. I'm sure many of you understand. Without the numbing affect of carbs I have a surplus of energy. My doctor likened my brain to a busy international airport with no air traffic controllers.  I do well most of the time at home, but just put me in a social situation, or a stressful situation, and I get so overly agitated that I drive everyone around me crazy. Several of you have experienced this with me through the years. Then when I get off to myself I am fine.  Medication seems to be helping and most of all it keeps me active and awake until evening. Before I slept so little that as soon as I sat down after dinner I would fall asleep. That would spoil my night's sleep. I'm sleeping better with a more normal sleep pattern. One of the good side effects is that I have been able to cut my restless legs meds in half.

I still substitute as an aide in severely handicapped classrooms. When it gets too difficult for my old body or I no longer enjoy it I will quit. I especially like having something to get me out of the house during the winter.

I have a worn out toe joint which needs surgery. I'll probably give in and have that done when I get back from a September trip to Arkansas.

Our family is doing well. Our son and his wife welcomed a little boy, their first, on April 30th. Our daughter's twins are now 5 and their little sister just turned 3 and. . . our daughter is expecting number 4 the end of November. Love them all like life itself, but they do wear us out.

I maintain a weight loss of  170 lbs. I currently weigh 205. My lowest was 184 and I regained a couple of years ago up to almost 230.I weighed 377 lbs when I had surgery in 2005.  I had gotten away from the daily supplements that I had been so good about for years. Found that leg cramps were tormenting me frequently and I just didn't feel good. I've gotten back on a regular routine and feel much better. My any "weight chart" I am still definitely overweight, but I feel good and am so much healthier than I was in 2005.

As I've said many times. I had no idea of the many new friendships that I would find with men and women who share this journey.

Though I certainly do not post like I used to I do think of you all and will try to stop in more often.

Jeannie, (Lightswitch) if you are out there please get in touch. I'll be in Batesville and Hardy, Arkansas in Mid September. Let's make a point to get together if possible.

I'm going to attempt to change my profile pic. Hope I can remember how! You all take care.







Karen C

annette R.
on 7/17/13 9:52 pm - ithaca, NY

Good morning Karen and all kiss

It is good to hear how everybody is doing, even if not on a regular basis.

Everybody is complaining about the heat except me. When my body gets cold, the neuropathy kicks in and stays. Doesn't take much to feel cold either.

The new leaders of the bariatric support group are perfect!!! It felt strange to be sitting without taking notes after 6 1/2 years, but they are well organized and the group loves them too. What a relief.

Our Becky cat adores drinking from the kitchen faucet. The brat learned how to turn it on. Not good when you have a well and must always conserve water.

Since I began chemo the cats have developed nasty, disgusting toilet habits. They are on the verge of becoming outside cats or possibly footballs. No, I really won't but it has crossed my mind.

Day after chemo so I need a nap.

Kisses to all



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karen C.
on 7/18/13 1:17 am - Kennewick, WA


I think pets sense a change in their surroundings or loved ones don't you? My son's little under 2 yr old rescue dog has had quite an adjustment with the addition of baby Charlie to her home. She is wonderful with him, to the point when he cries she will bring one of her toys over and drop it near him. However, she is also very "needy" as she was the center of Nate and Kristin's world before Charlie's arrival on April 30th.

I'm sure your critters sense that you are dealing with health issues. They  have such strong senses that I am sure they can feel the changes. Probably even the medications that you are taking with chemo can be smelled or sensed by them. Do you suppose they are feeling that they have to "remark" their territory? This  cancer invader has come into all of your lives. Maybe they can make it turn tail and run! They are a formidable troupe for sure!

You did a wonderful job with your support group. I'm so glad that the new leaders will continue on with what you have worked so hard on. Wish I could send you some of our 100 degree dry dessert heat. I think we could probably cook an egg on the sidewalk. It would be like an instant heating pad around your entire body.

Cat story for you: Our new neighbor's cat, Milo, seems to like our backyard better than his. My husband is so NOT a cat person and Milo is already digging and making "deposits" in my rock garden. My mom used to plant hot peppers in her flower bed, I may have to try that.  He is a beautiful cat, so I hope we can figure something out. Cats will go where they want to!

Know that I think of you often and am so happy that we've had the chance to meet in person. I have a friend living in Providence, RI. She really wants me to visit. Your corner of the country is the only area that I haven't spent time in. I loved Pennsylvania. My husband's family was from the Albany, New York area in the mid 1860s before coming west to Montana. Wish I could get Mike to come back to explore his roots. I so enjoy doing that. We have a one year old Honda Pilot which is perfect for a long road trip.

I have two appointments today so I'd better get in the shower. One with my therapist and the other at the eye clinic to see if my overly baggy eyelids are bad enough to be covered by insurance. A year ago the right eye was ready but not the left. Couldn't see having just one done and didn't want to pay out of pocket if I didn't have to. So I am hoping that it is ready this time. I'm out of here!


Karen C

on 7/17/13 11:17 pm - Cibolo, TX
RNY on 02/22/11 with

Hi Karen and Annette and all my OFF sistas!

Karen, so good to hear from you today!  You have been missed.  I'm glad you have been enjoying life with your family and feeling well.  I don't know much about ADD, but I'm sure you will find a way to cope with it.  You have such a good attitude about everything.

Annette, gentle hugs and best wishes for a swift recovery from chemo today.  You are a very brave lady!

I feel like a whiner to complain about my headache this morning, but this is the 4th morning I've woke up with the same damn headache.  I can't figure out what's causing it or how to get rid of it.

I've been drinking my homemade Pro Joe and I think it is too sweet.  Of course, being the dense old woman that I am, I didn't make the connection between my dumping and the protein drin****il this morning.  Then a lightbulb went on and I said, "Ohhhh."  Sometimes it takes me awhile.

I have been stress eating all week over Butch leaving, and I'm determined to stop it.  So I dug out my worry stone (a river rock I brought back from our Canada trip) and I'm going to carry it around with me today and rub the heck out of it when I feel stressed.  Maybe I can stop stuffing food in my mouth!

Well, Benny is begging for a turn on the computer, so I'd better go.  He sure does get up EARLY these days.  Way earlier than I'm ready for! 

Love you all!



Patricia R.
on 7/17/13 11:43 pm - Perry, MI


It's so good to hear from you.  My therapist and I have discussed the idea of evaluating me for ADD.  I think I've had it forever, but was never identified.  Decided I might as well just live with it.  I've managed to have a successful career, and finish graduate school, so we decided not to test me.  

Love that you have those grandbabies.  Mine are such a joy.  

God bless.



Seek always to do some good, somewhere. Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth. You must give some time to your fellow man. For remember, you don't live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here too.
Albert Schweitzer

Jo W.
on 7/18/13 12:34 am - Owosso, MI

Karen so good to hear from you again!  I  always enjoyed your grandkid stories!   I like to think that most absent friends are just busy with life.  I dont post as often as I used to     Just get busy running the roads or can read from phone but its hard to post with it .    Please pop in once in a while with those grandchild stories!!!!


karen C.
on 7/18/13 12:53 am - Kennewick, WA

Tri****hought I was just making up for lost time and trying to do everything I hade missed doing at 377 lbs. However, my daughter at my urging, shared some things that concerned me a lot. She pointed out how often I changed topics in a phone conversation to the point where she had to play a game with herself in order to not get angry. She knew I didn't mean to be rude interrupting others, but that is exactly how it came across. It seems to be the worst in social situations or when I am overly stressed. Medications seem to be helping. A generic Ritalin which is a stimulant. That seems like the opposite of what I should need, but I am sleeping better. I seem to be able to stop and think before opening my mouth.

Some of it is age related. Many of my friends comment that they do the same thing worrying that if that don't say their thought that it will be GONE  before their turn. I am also obsessive when I want something fixed or have a trip or project to plan. This can be good, but it also can drive others nuts. My husband will be sick of a trip before the time even gets close.

One more "Circle of Life" thing. Our little 5 pound ten year old Yorkie, Maggie, started having seizures a couple of months ago. She had been so healthy and within 2 days we had to have her put to sleep. The vet thinks she had a brain tumor. Meds were tried that would work for just a couple of hours. There was just no other decision to make. Our hearts were broken, but I know we did the right thing. Early the 2nd morning after a long night I took her out on the deck as the sun was rising. There had been a light rain. As I was sitting there holding her so sad, knowing what would most certainly have to be done that day. I looked to the west and there was a lovely rainbow. I remember thinking, "Is this Maggie's sign?"  Have any of you have read "The Rainbow Bridge" about pets that have passed away waiting for their owners on the other side of "The Rainbow Bridge?" A copy was sent in a card to us when our other Yorkie, Skeeter, died at 14. He too would have an occasional seizure, but short and just one or two a year. Maggie's were coming every 15 minutes. The meds slowed them down, but only for a couple of hours.

We miss her a lot, but right now I am thinking "No more pets ever!" as it just hurts too much. I'll concentrate on gardening, grandkids, and trying to rebuild a marriage that is in a rut. Hubby seems perfectly happy with tv and crossword puzzles. I mean just how many hours of the George Zimmerman trial can anyone watch?

Sorry, guess I had more to share than I realized. Just skip over me if it becomes too much! Have a great day.

Karen C

on 7/18/13 1:43 am - Cibolo, TX
RNY on 02/22/11 with

Oh Karen!  Your last paragraph struck a cord!  If your marriage is in a rut, then so is mine.  How many hours of George Zimmerman indeed!  Hubs has every single TV in the house tuned to Fox News ALL THE TIME!  Plus the radio on the back porch is tuned to some news radio station.  Sometimes I just go through the house and turn every damn one of them off and announce a no-George-Zimmerman hour!  LOL!


Connie D.
on 7/18/13 1:56 am

Oh Karen....how happy I was to see that you got my message. I have been missing you!

It sounds like life has been good for you....lots of family fun!! I too know very little about ADD but I am sure glad you have the help you need  to control it. You sound like the little energizer bunny!!! I am so happy for you. I am sorry about Maggie. I too believe the rainbow was a sign. I can't believe those twins are 5 already...and the little one 3.....WOW does time fly!! Congrats on the grandson born in April and for the new one on the way!!

We sure have missed you here on OFF. You have been very busy living a full and wonderful life!! I hope you can find a few minutes to check in now and then.

Love you friend....HUGS.....connie d

Judy G.
on 7/18/13 2:55 am - Galion, OH

Karen!!!! SO good to see you posting again!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!! Missed seeing your posts and all!!!! HUGSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Well today I STILL do NOT have my phone or fax up and running!!! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! Boss called my cell and SHE called the repair and got the same song and dance that I have had all week!!! She said give them til after lunch and see what happens...hahahha I still do NOT have phone or fax and it is now almost 1pm!!!!!!!! I give up!!!!!!!! My RECERTS are begging to get done and there is NOTHING I can do about getting them done!!!!! I NEED my phone and fax!!!!!!!!

It is HOT HOT HOT here again today and heat advisory is out once again and some tenants refuse to come to the club house where it IS cool with the AC on!!!!!!! WTH??????

My tenant that had to move to nursing home died last night. Sad. I really liked her.

Well time to take Bandit for his potty walk...hate going in this heat with him but he has to go...

Thoughts and Prayers for ALL that need them!!!


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