Early, early Monday morning

on 5/4/14 4:08 pm - Davison, MI

Same day different week.  I went in for my Plastic surgery on Thursday.  I got the medial extended thigh lift.  This is usually a same day surgery but due to the vanWillibrands (bleeding disorder) they wanted me to get the med you normally get the day before and to make sure the day after so had to stay over night.  I ended up having to stay three night and just got home Sunday.  My hemoglobin dropped to 6 with 11 being the low end of normal and boy is that a butt kicker.  They put me on iron but had to wait for labs to see if I would be getting and infusion or just oral.  When it came back 6 instead 0f 5 I was good for oral instead.  Than I had to wait for the doctor to write the order for the Iron, than I had to wait for the Pharm to fill the order.  Why in the world couldn't the just order the iron to get me going and than when the lab came back decide if I needed the infusion.  It would have saved me so much time feeling bad as getting the silly little pill had me feeling so much better so fast.

The whole stay in the hospital is s big waiting game.  Such a waste of time and money and explains the high cost of medical care.

Now that I'm home I can get to the business of healing.

I hope everyone has a great and productive day!

BAND REMOVED 9-4-12-fought insurance to get sleeve and won! Sleeved 1/22/13! Five years out and trying to get that last 15 pounds back off.

Connie D.
on 5/4/14 11:27 pm

Good morning Piney and everyone......

I am glad that your surgery and hospital stay is all behind you now. It is so frustrating being in the hospital longer then planned. Then they are so darn slow about everything!! I agree, it explains a lot of the cost for medical care! I pray that your recovery goes quickly and you are back to feeling good again soon! 

I really don't have much planned for today. I need to get a gift card and a birthday card for Amanda's boyfriend, Tyler. I need to get it sent off today as Friday is his birthday. I hope to spend a little more time working on the puzzles with the ladies today. I didn't get to join them much in the last couple weeks. 

Wishing you all a good day! Prayers for our sweet OFF family.

Love and many hugs to all...connie d

on 5/4/14 11:47 pm

Dear Piney and OFF friends yet to come, 

Piney, i am not surprised they kept you at least one night given the HGB drop and VW. Surprised at three nights. You obviously were bleeding into your tissues..if that continued unchecked...well you know better than you. I am just glad you are OK and home safe. 

I am off to the gym today. Not much else going on. Hope you all have a great day. 



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