Worrried and upset

Lisa W.
on 6/26/14 9:05 am - Denver, CO

Havent lost any weight in weeks still 270 im so scared i hurt my pouch or they didnt do it right i lost 33 pounds first month do stalls ever end or will i be the one that it doesnt work for cant excercise much broke y ankle but im trying to do something eating all protein taking vitamins water by gallons just nervous now almost a month nothing.

        Lisa Willis













on 6/26/14 9:16 am


I went six weeks and didn't lose a pound.  Don't panic. Have you called the dietitian to discuss what you are eating. For me it was a combo of three things. 1. Not enough calories (i was in starvation mode and my body's metabolism shut down ) 2. Not enough protein too high of carbs. I was trying to stick with a vegan diet but couldn't eat enough volume to get the protein i needed. 3. Because of a myriad of factors i was unable to excise very much. Once i resolved these three i started losing again. The dietician was the one who identified this for me. 

I have gone thru a couple of two to three week periods of not losing. My surgeon reminded me that weight loss is not linear.  


on 6/26/14 1:01 pm, edited 6/26/14 1:04 pm - Canada

You lost 33 lbs in your first month? WOW! And now you think you've stopped losing?

When was the last time you lost that much in four weeks? Even in 8 weeks?

Your body is in shock from surgery plus that huge weight loss, so of course it's in a huge stall. Keep doing things according to your eating program and the weight will start to come off again once your body has caught up. Your metabolism had a huge shock and  is in starvation mode after such rapid loss, and when you finally start losing again, dont expect that kind of huge weightloss every month. I was only managing 2 or so lbs a week, like on a diet so never had to tell anyone I had gastric bypass, people thought I was once again on one of my usual diets my weight loss was so slow!  Just be patient, speak to your dietitian/nutritionist  at your next checkup if it is soon, or phone to make an apt for tips and advice to get weightloss going again.  Great you are getting your water in, be sure you get your protein in, and if your bathroom habits are regular, not to worry....

For some, weightloss is a rollercoaster, not a steady drop after surgery. Others chug along losing only a few pounds a week between stalls, everyone is different. Don't give up hope, you will start losing again, probably more slowly.  




on 6/27/14 4:06 am - Cibolo, TX
RNY on 02/22/11 with

Lisa,  it's okay, hon.  I had many, many stalls.  Seems like the longest one was 3+ weeks, and I, too, thought it was all over.  Not to fear.  You will start losing again.  Your body just has to adjust to the tremendous changes and it will--eventually.  Right now it's in survival mode.  Just be sure that you are staying compliant with your surgeon's orders and it will all come right in the end.  

BTW, I can't exercise a whole bunch either due to a broke ankle from years ago.  I can walk and ride a recumbent exercise bike.  And I can do water aerobics.  Any chance you could try that?  I can bounce all over the place in the water with no problems.  

You hang in there, sweetie!  


Judy G.
on 6/27/14 7:00 am - Galion, OH

Lisa....listen here!!!  You Just had MAJOR SURGERY!!!!!!!! YOUR BODY HAS NO IDEA WHAT APPENED!!! 33 POUNDS THE 1ST MONTH?????? AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! Now KEEP doing what you have been doing!!!!!! the weight WILL COME OFF!!! I PROMISE!!!!!!!!! I am the Queen Of STALLS!!!!!!!!!!!! I had so many stalls that I have no idea how the weight finally came off me!!!!!!!!! LOL Hang in there the weight will once again come off!!! STAY OFF THE SCALES!!!!!!!!!!!!


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