Pouch size

Lisa W.
on 8/6/14 2:19 am - Denver, CO

I had a upper GI yesterday and seen my pouch it looks so much bigger than an egg it looked big to me and the doctor said ive seen smaller ive only went from 305 to 260 in 3 months im worrried my pouch is to big.

        Lisa Willis













on 8/6/14 3:07 am - Bradenton, FL

That us great for three months. That is what I did. That is 30 pounds a month. 

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on 8/6/14 3:07 am


You have lost 45 lbs in 3 months, thats 15 lbs a month, 3.75 lbs a week, and 1/2 lb a day..... that ain't chicken feed. That's great. At this rate you will be down another 70-75 lbs by Christmas.  Wow so 75 +45 is 120 lbs in what, less than a year. Did you put it on that fast ? I doubt it. 

Stay the course and you'll be fine. 



Connie D.
on 8/6/14 3:09 am

Hi Lisa....I would contact your surgeon about that. 

An egg to me is still pretty small compared to what it was. You really should be okay. Go over what you are eating and drinking and make sure you are following the guide lines. Also remember to at least walk for exercise. No exercise....no loss.

Keep following the rules and you will lose. It isn't unusual to have a stall. Maybe you aren't eating enough. That will cause issues as well.

Good Luck!!

HUGS....connie d

on 8/6/14 3:12 am - Bradenton, FL

I mean 20 pounds a minth. Keep up the great work. I just had a upper go at twelve years out mine is 7 cm my pouch is 2 and 3/4 inches so it didn't change much since I had it done.

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