Still on track and seeing some results!

on 7/11/15 6:55 pm - Danville, IN

Been really busy so took me awhile to get back here. I am the family computer nerd and I spent all of last week working on computers. My sisters went kaput so we got her a used one and I spent two days updating windows. Ugh.

Ive been on track since I posted last, and its getting easier. I have limited myself to four ounces at a time like right after surgery,,,eating something every few hours to restart my metabolism, using protein shakes twice a day and drinking water,,,well,,trying to. I have noticed my clothes a lot looser and my ankles arent swollen. I went to the doctor yesterday, had lost six pounds and my blood pressure was normal for the first time in a long long time. He was pleased and so was I. He changed my restless leg meds and gave me a referral to the vein clinic since Im in pain so much and the veins are really bad. Im pleased, looking forward to losing the rest of the weight I have gained and feeling better.

I can only eat small portions now, my pouch has reset and Im thrilled with that. Feels good to be in control again.

Hope all of you are having a great evening, I just had to stop in and give you all an update, you were so good to encourage and motivate me. I appreciate the support. 

Well, gotta go throw some clothes in the dryer and get ready for bed, Have a great Sunday everyone.


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Mary Gee
on 7/11/15 7:08 pm - AZ
VSG on 05/14/14

Glad to hear you're doing well Betsy.  I've been struggling myself lately and have to get back on track.  My restriction is still working - but I'm not making the best choices.......have to pull myself together and start doing some better menu planning......nothing is really appealing to me these days, and I feel so lazy!  I'm staying away from processed foods, but I need to go through my files and find some easy meat dishes.  I was also thinking of coming up with some salad ideas....I read menus and see salads with different "add-ins" that sound delicious - but I have to be careful not to go overboard.

Glad your clothes are getting looser, and your ankles are not swollen - that's great progress!  I've got to go through my vitamins, etc. and get back on track in that department too.  Maybe it's the weather - humidity - that's making me tired.

Have a good rest tonight, and enjoy your day tomorrow!




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on 7/11/15 7:29 pm - Canada

Only 6 lbs lost and so much improvement!  You must be so happy.  

I've lost 10 over the last month and half, and have no such great benefits...I still have 40 to lose, this is going to go very slowly with lots of "two steps forward, one step back" ....

Keep up the good work...


Patricia R.
on 7/12/15 5:17 am - Perry, MI


You are doing great.  Keep up the good work.  I need to buckle down somewhat too.  Coming up on my 9 year surgiversary next month.



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on 7/12/15 7:14 am


Sounds like a lot of improvements in a very short period of time! So glad you are feeling better.

I am returning to my protein drinks. I stopped them completely thinking I would take a break so I would not be sick of them after my surgery. But they are such a great way to increase protein intake...I almost always fall short of my daily goal w/out them. and I believe more protein = less hungry = less caloric intake!

So good to hear you are back to them, too.

Good luck!


Connie D.
on 7/12/15 8:16 am

Betsy....way to go!!! You are doing a great job!!!

Losing 6 pounds is a wonderful start!!

Keep it up and you will be where you want to be before you know it!!

I am slacking a bit and have been the last couple weeks. I am not gaining but I haven't lost any more. I will get back on track and back to Basics again starting today!!!!

Have a great Sunday!!!

Love and hugs...connie d

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