Soggy Sunday

on 3/20/16 3:00 pm


You are right about needing your own time and there is nothing bad about claiming that time. Your girls and mother are going to have to learn there are boundaries to your time. 

I do hope you get your time issues fixed and get your "me" time.  We all need that. 

Connie D.
on 3/20/16 2:43 pm

Good afternoon Kathy and everyone....

Kathy...I think you are making the right decision about quitting your job. I would rather be poorer then be in a job that causing so much stress. That stress will catch up with you somewhere along the line and effect your health. 

I am glad that Jazz can spend more time with her mom and her guy. I sounds like things are safe for her there.

It was so nice that you got to spend time with your sister and her daughter. That was good for all of you!

Congrats on the weight loss! You are doing great! 

As for me.... I am sill just trying to get to feeling better. This morning I felt better. Now my nose is running and my throat is getting sore again. I think I will lay down for awhile.

Prayers for all our wonderful OFF Family. Special prayers for those in need. 

Have a good evening everyone.

Tons of love and many hugs to all....connie d


on 3/20/16 2:56 pm - Cibolo, TX
RNY on 02/22/11 with

Love you Connie!  Feel better soon!


Judy G.
on 3/20/16 3:11 pm - Galion, OH

Connie...get the pineapple juice out and drink that or eat some...


on 3/20/16 10:04 pm

It's me; I'm back. So, I'm here to ***** about my husband, who has been a total invalid the last few days.  So, today, I ran to the store, bought groceries, came home and cooked him a nice variety of broths so that he would not feel so deprived. I talked him to getting up and taking a hot shower; I changed the sheets, put clean blankets on the bed, and talked him to coming to the living room and having his broth sitting up. I made him the best broth (potato, onion, and pepper broth...I loved it.) and then he took another pain pill and nausea pill and kept telling me he was feeling better and wanted to watch a we've seen.  I kept waking him up and he wouldn't go to bed and didn't want me to change the movie to something I really wanted to see so after a while, he drifted into a deep sleep and I started watching something more to my liking...Then, he woke up and he wanted me to turn it back to some science fiction crap, that I didn't like but since he is sick, I gave in with no complaint and he went right back to know?  I know this is such a little thing to be upset about but my husband is so selfish....sometimes I just want to scream at him. Like, before he got sick, he did this thing where he turned a movie on; I didn't like it; so I went into the kitchen and started rearranging the cabinets; he goes to his office; I go back and turn the TV to something I want to watch; he comes back and says, we were watching were watching.  I really think men are just selfish pigs...sometimes they are...and certainly not all men but dammit...he is a selfish pig. 

Okay, I am going to bed...maybe, tomorrow, I won't be so mad at him and I can tolerate him for a few more days till they take all those stones out...and he might be nicer.  WTF knows. 

Ladies, sleep well. 

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