Sunny Sunday

on 4/24/16 8:08 am

Good Morning Everyone!

It is a beautiful morning here in central DE...loving the weather!

We are on our way to a Baltimore animal shelter... about 90 minutes one way. They are having a adoption waived fee for the month of April! The animals come spayed, dewormed and with up to date shots! Hoping to find a dog as the house is so empty without Tink. I can't wait to get there...there are supposed to be 300 pets to choose from.

I was lazy when I got home from the yard sales. After peeing and eating I took a long nap. Then Jim insisted we watch this retro Cheech & Chong comment...just shaking my head!

I folded some laundry to distract

Anyhow, hope to plant more impatiens when we get home, take a long walk and hang with Jazz.

Was glad to hear from you, Jeannie. Hope things quiet down.

Connie, what a blessing Noc got to celebrate that milestone.

Arlene,  i can relate to the financial frustration after a lifetime of working. It doesn't seem fair, does it? I hope Social Security will help when I turn 62 as I should get about the same I need to earn now to have some wiggle room, but inflation will probably eat most of it. Then o may have to consider a reverse mortgage... We'll see..

Well gonna sign off...hate posting from my phone while Jim hits every bump possible.

Everyone have a great day!


on 4/24/16 9:59 am
VSG on 08/11/14

Hi Ladies,

It's another nice day. 

I got up and went to church. Now I'm drinking my coffee and going to read my newspaper. I think I'll go see my friend today that had heart attack. 

Connie  I didn't get to my movies yesterday. I watched San Andreas  last week. That was good. Hope you're having a good day. 

Kathy hope you can find a pet today. I would love to have a dog but they don't allow dogs where I live just cats. Cats are okay but I rather have a dog.

Everyone have a good day. Thoughts and prayers for everyone. 

Love and hugs,


Connie D.
on 4/24/16 1:32 pm

Hello will be nice if you can visit your friend today. I think she must value your friendship very much! I am still praying for you and your friend every day. 

I am doing fine....crappy day as far as weather goes...hurting and mostly staying in bed.

Have a good and hugs to you....connie d



Judy G.
on 4/24/16 10:37 am - Galion, OH

Happy Sunday OFF Family...

It is sunny today here and temps supposed to hit near 70!! WOOHOOO!!!! Then tomorrow night or there about more rain and for the rest of the week rain and storms. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just what we do NOT need!!!!!!!!! We are trying to get this place ready for INSPECTION!!!!!!!! With way!!!!!! Come on Mother Nature!!!! Painting needs to be done and also weeding and planting!!!!! Inspection is set for 10 am on the 16th.

No word from Peggy. (Rick's aunt) on her test results. So we don't know if they can do surgery or chemo or nothing. And ofcourse nothing from his big mouth mother either. Go figure. Sighs......

Cooking a couple small pork tenderloins for supper. One is garlic butter for me and the peppercorn for Rick.

Went to Bingo last night. Again had to split the winnings. I ended up with $21.00  Yippee. Hate those dam cards having so many duplicates!!! Wish they would get new cards!!! Well only 2 more weeks and its done for the summer.

Got another apartment rented. She will be moving in on the 2nd.

Well Bandit needs potty best take him out.

Thoughts & Prayers for ALL that need them!!!


Connie D.
on 4/24/16 1:45 pm

Hello Judy...our weather looks awful for the next week. 50s and maybe 61 one day...wooohoo!! It is going to rain a lot too. I know what kind of week I will be having!!!! I hope the weather clears for you so you can get all the planting and painting done!

I am still praying for Peggy. I hope someone contacts Rick about her condition soon. That is just not right! They must know how Rick feels about her. Shame on them!!

Pork tenderloins are good. I had one that was garlic and peppercorn recently. It was so good!! I have to keep them very moist or I can't eat them. I am not a gravy person other then sausage gravy for biscuits!!! 

I am glad you won a little at BINGO. Better then none at all. I hope someone steals those darn cards and destroys them before BINGO starts up again after the summer!!!

Little by little you are getting apartments rented again. I am happy to know that. Some of those people sure move around a lot!! 

Have a good evening.....maybe you can color a bit in your horse book!!!

Love you...hugs to you too....connie d


Judy G.
on 4/24/16 2:28 pm - Galion, OH

Connie, I found some coloring pencils the other day and again today...finding time in between is the hard part to color I did start one page though!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Renting apartments and getting corporate to get the new appliances here so I CAN rent them is another story....sighs.

Yes the weather for both of us is going to be nasty this week!!!


Connie D.
on 4/24/16 1:24 pm

Good afternoon Kathy and everyone...

Kathy...that is wonderful that you are getting another pet. You will have to let us know what you chose when you get home.

Most of Cheech and Chong I can live without. Just not my thing at all. Good thing you had laundry to distract you.

I hope you got your flowers planted and spent some time with Jazz.

As for me.... not much of anything. It is after 3 PM and I am still in my PJs. I need to get in the shower. I decided to post here first.

It is cold and rainy here today. I didn't even attempt to go out and walk. I have decided I am not going to walk on Sunday's. I need one really lazy day!!

Yes, I am so happy Nic had a wonderful Golden Birthday!! I did cry off and on all day. Mostly happy tears and many thanks to GOD and our Lord Jesus Christ.

It has been a weepy week anyway as my mom's birthday was the 21st. After 16 years wouldn't you think I could get past this by now. Guess not!

Prayers for our loving OFF Family and their families. Special prayers for those in need. 

Wishing everyone a beautiful day!

So much love and many hugs to all....connie d

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