But it's really Sunday, right?

on 5/22/16 12:51 pm

Good afternoon everyone!

I am sure glad someone is keeping the posts going on a daily basis. I may not post, but I do stop by everyday to see what is going on. Weekends can be slow due to folks being busy, but as stated that can be a good thing!

I have had a mean sinus headache all weekend in response to all this rain. I am SO SICK OF IT or the general overcast chilly days. I had such a great day Friday due to it be sunny & in the 70s. I used to envy all the postops who talked about running around all day getting a ton of stuff done. I never thought I'd have that much energy. But I see it coming. Friday I ran around from the time I got up until bedtime. A real NSV!

I am not into yoga...still can't sit on floor, but I admire those of you who can do it. I am Walker, enjoy hiking & swimming is a real passion. I used to love dancing, but it gets my heart rate up too high for my afib so it has fallen by the wayside.

I am interested in doing some bodybuilding thru weightlifting, but I really need to work on my upper body strength. It always amazes me how much I lost or have up due to my obesity that I never even realized!

I have been on track with my 40 minute walks this week & the knee pain has subsided for now. Thanks for all the suggestions...I would just take Tylenol when it was persistent.

Linda, I had to laugh when you suggested a knee brace bc my first thought was they don't make the big enough!/Then I realized I probably could get one in my size now!

So I am going to try 3 40/minute walks this week & 2 45/minute ones & see how I do. I also want to cut my carb & calorie intake & TRY to think of food as fuel instead of a coping mechanism or as enjoyment.

I become aware over & over how emotionally I eat. It doesn't matter what the feeling is...I feed it if I don't take time to process it. Jeannie is so right about how stress impacts you...I am really concerned my husband's growing memory loss is dementia related. But still I feel like I am going to explode if he asks me one more time something I told him 10 times before, misplaces his keys for the 5th time in one day, calls me from the store about something that is on the list I gave him...that he forgot he had...it just goes on & on. And I can't get away from it!

Anyhow, although I love him dearly I need to focus on my health or I won't be worth a damn to him. So I will take baby steps....water, calories & carbs down...exercise up.

Everyone have a good day!


on 5/22/16 11:26 pm

Hey Kathy,

I just got home an hour or so ago from taking my grand babies home.  We took them out to eat and then took them shopping for swim suits. The moon was huge and when drove over the Arkansas River, there was no traffic so I stopped and let the kids take pictures of the river. It was beautiful and Mars was very visible tonight. 

Well, it's very very late, so I better get to bed....talk to you ladies later. I am so happy everyone's been so busy. 


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