Good Article About Berries

Patricia R.
on 6/28/16 7:51 am - Perry, MI

My wonderful weight loss surgeon posted this on Facebook. -and-berry-season/


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Albert Schweitzer

on 6/28/16 11:22 am

Berries are not only good for us but they are also tasty treats. My husband's diabetic nutritionists has always pushed berries as a part of his diet.  

Great article. 

H.A.L.A B.
on 6/28/16 11:23 am

Thank you. Itsi wonderful. 

One interesting fact I learned about blueberries is taht most of the antioxidant (the purple stuff) is hidden in the skin.  And since we are very poor to break it  down - frozen berries  are better for us than fresh berries... **** crystal formed in skin cells  break the cells and release the components)

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