on 9/30/16 1:23 pm

Hello Everyone!

Almost dinnertime here on the East Coast & no one had posted! I know weekends can be slow on here...

I have done alot of emotional eating this week & am disgusted with myself...which seems to fuel the eating. Every morning I vow to get back on track & plan my meals, but go off in the evenings. It is very frustrating!

The weird thing is I am not gaining & have lost a few pounds. I would think with my one yr surgery coming up in 2 weeks the easy ride would be over. Not that I'm complaining, but I WANT to eat healthy...

It has been chilly & rainy here all wk. We hope to visit Philadelphia on Sunday when it clears out.

Jeannie & Nancy...I'd be procrastinating about such major surgery, too, but best to get it over with. Constant pain is no joke!

Julia I love a grilled hot dog with home fried potatoes w loads of onion & green peppers!

Yvonne, hoping that lamp helps out.

Everyone enjoy their weekend!


on 9/30/16 5:49 pm
VSG on 08/11/14

Hi Kathy,

I understand the night time eating. Ill have my snack and next i know im eating popcorn lately. At least its airpopped.

My friend kind of got mad today because she owed me money for gas taking her places. She didnt say it but i could tell by her expression.

Have a good weekend

on 10/1/16 5:41 am


I wi**** was just one or two snacks, but it is meals...poor portion control & poor snack choices.

Will see how today goes...

Is this the same friend you talk about? Funny how the crap continues even as we become aging seniors! I love my neighbor, but she wears me out. I think she has become a hypercondriac since she had breast cancer. She calls me over for some of the dumbest things like a ref mark on her thigh. She wanted to know if I thought it was a blood clot! And she is a nurse!

But I feel bad for both her & her husband who is terminally ill. Gotta take the bad with the good..


on 9/30/16 8:44 pm


I have been eating a lot of crappy food because I am just not cooking. We are eating the canned soups and beans that I have put up but I'm also eating crap.  Damn. We've also had some cooler weather and I can say, knock on wood, summer has finally left us. 

I'm getting the knee more iron infusion and then a couple of week wait and it will be done.  My poor knee is so messed up....hopefully I will do as well as my brother.  

on 10/1/16 5:44 am


I'd say I'm glad I'm not alone with the eating thing, but it's not something we want to bond over, lol, right?

Glad you got the surgery scheduled. You will do fine!


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