Hello All

on 8/26/18 6:52 pm

Hello Everyone!

It has been a busy week with finishing up the closet...I painted the last few days, Jazz started back to school and our usual day to day activities.

Went yard saling yesterday morning and found quite a few items. One was a brand new Belgium waffle maker. Jim loves cooking and had never tried Begium waffles so he bought the maker. Bad thing for me they came out delicious. But that will have to be a special treat. By the time I added bacon and eggs for protein I ate half my calories for the day!

I made a pot roast with veggies today to take to my mother in laws for dinner. Cooked in crock pot and it was SO tender! Everyone raved about it. I definitely followed my meal plan today...little victories!

I have become obsessed with my fitbit I got this past Christmas. I guess it is good in terms of tracking my walking, but I have yet to do 10,000 steps a day! I know it would be easier to do if I was still working, but most of my steps come from doing stuff around the house, shopping or doing my daily walks. And apparently thats not enough...ugh!

I go in for my 2 day stress test this week. I haven't had one since my 2015 WLS. I am anxious to see the results bc I think my afib is progressing. Will see what happens.

Well that's my 'news' for the week. Sure hope some others post, too.



Judy G.
on 8/27/18 3:27 pm - Galion, OH

Hi Kathy,

Sorry I forgot all about posting yesterday. It has been hell here lately and if I could spill the beans about it here I would! I am just afraid "someone" would find out about it and that would be the end...so close oh so close!!!

Congrats on the New waffle maker!! Yes they can be oh so good!!! I have so many new cooking gadgets and never tried them out yet...silly isn't it? I guess with Rick doing most of the cooking why bother.

Pot Roast is always good when it is tender...YUMMMM!!!!!!!!

As for walking...either I am getting old or I am getting lazy and my bones are not letting me move anymore I just can't walk like I used to!!! Scares me to pieces!! I walk Bandit a lot around here. I walk around showing apartments. I guess that is not enough anymore. And this weight I have gained since mom passed away is probably a good part of it too. I hate myself for this binge eating junk food. I can't stop it either. My teeth are even going to hell because of the candy eating!! My depression is not getting better I guess. I just don't care anymore about anything. And having so called friends that I thought would be there for me...hahaha that didn't help either. Oh well...I keep writing in my journal and maybe one day I WILL get better!!!

Wish you the best on your stress test. I think if I went for one they would admit me and throw the key away....

Oh...I mentioned that I had my WLS 10 years ago...it was back in 2006 so that makes it 12 years...well it will be come October 17th.

Went and got my hair cut yesterday. It sure did need it!!! I don't even color it anymore since mom passed. The gray is coming out now. WOW!!!! Oh well...

Sorry for being such a downer today. Just in a bad mood I guess.

Whatever happened to Lightswitch? She was so adamant on running this board and scared what was left here off...just wondering.

OK time to go back to FB and play my games and try to get happy...


on 8/27/18 5:00 pm

Lol Judy...I HATE kitchen gadgets! I HATE clutter! And I don't care much for cooking although I do like to bake...on occasion! Thankfully Jim loves to cook...like Rick, and is very good at it. I just wish he would STOP overloading the kitchen with stuff we don't use that often.

I am in same boat with walking. My knees have gotten progressively worse despite my weight loss. Severe arthritis. My hearing loss causes me to lose my balance if I am just strolling along not paying attention and my afib makes my heart rate race or drop causing dizziness. And then humidity and cold weather...ugh. I do continue to try everyday for at least 20 minutes, but sometimes pain or laziness just take over.

We are lucky to have lived this long, but aging can really suck!

I am having trouble getting my regain off even though I know its as simple as returning to basics. But I just dont want to return to basics! I even went for a few counseling sessions to find out why I am sabotaging myself this way, but the therapist just reinforced self discipline and avoiding carbs.

Your depression sounds pretty bad. Have you considered anti-depressants? I have gone thru that a few times and it just feels like you have fallen in a big black hole. I had to go on meds...I was falling apart! Hope you can find some relief!

Have no idea what happened to Jeannie...or Mary for that matter. Sure wish the board would pick back up. Everyone's experience was SO helpful to me as a pre-op. The camraderie was nice, too, with the exception of a few with ego and control issues, but that's fairly common on any social media.

Sure hope whatever was/is going on at work gets fixed and you start feeling better. But it does take a LONG time to come to terms with the death of a parent...

Take care!


Judy G.
on 8/28/18 2:08 pm - Galion, OH

Oh my walking has a lot to do with my sciatica flaring up also. OMG it about kills me!!!

As for going on meds for depression...Dr will not do that. He says to write a journal. That has helped me ALOT! I just haven't had time right now to write in it like I should.

I forgot to say something about your afib. My older brother had that and what they did for him was stop his heart and jump start it again. It worked! Has your Dr ever mentioned doing that for your heart? My brother was having the same type of problems that you are talking about. Since they stopped his heart then jump started it again he has been fine.

If a certain tenant would just move out life would be so good again here not only for me but for others here also! If I could only talk about it on here...sighs.....

Weather here is so dang hot and muggy!!! Bandit wants to go out walking and then he gets hot and panting a lot which is not good for a short nosed dog...hard for them to cool off...

We need a vacation and no money to take one. We can take one but can't go anywhere...what fun is that? But soon as money hits again we ARE taking a vacation and it sure is not going back to Michigan!!! Just had it out with my younger brother. OMG try to help out my older brother with his brakes on his car and the younger one that has money to help...OMG you would think I asked him for a MILLION bucks!!!! He actually told me to kiss his ass today!! I told him he could do the same then!! I have had enough!!!!!! I go back home to help clean out mom's stuff and where is he? Up North having FUN!!!!!!! So I again say KMA!!! I am so done!! I can use my money for a vacation and let the stuff mom has/had stay right where it is at!! I don't need it I have enough stuff of my own anyhow. Let him worry about it now. I got what I wanted. Sad to say.....I hope he is happy now.

Sorry for venting here. Guess I need to go play my games and relax. Or try to anyhow.

Maybe with summer just about over more people will come back. Maybe. I know there are nosey ones looking here see what is going on and I am sure reporting back to those that have me blocked. So go right ahead...be a little kid report back and gossip away...have fun!!!

OK going to go play my games now.


on 8/29/18 2:17 pm

Hi again Judy!

Thanks for taking the time to post about the afib. Unfortunately I am in permanent afib which is kind of like the last stage. Many ppl start out with occasional bouts then go away, but if not treated can advance to 2nd stage which is called persistent afib. It can last 24/7 for weeks or months, but will go away with treatment. Mine is permanent. My heart cannot be shocked (called cardioversion) and I can't have an ablation where they do stuff to the heart bc of how advanced it is.

****** me off bc my current cardiologist told me had my previous cardiologist treated me in a timely manner these interventions could have been done. But it was too late by the time I got to her...sigh. So I just have to deal with it...

There is always that one tenant, client or coworker you'd like to strangle...again...so glad I am done with that!

I know it was hot, cold, we had hurricanes, floods, etc. back in the day, but this weather for the past few years is scary. Our heat index has been 105 today and was over 100 Monday & Tuesday. Our dog Bailey will actually stop and lay down for a quick minute during a 15 minute walk...on grass! And he is only 2...not as old as Bandit.

Family **** and money is always funny. Out of my parents 5 kids I have always been the worst off financially. Unfortunately I worked, but in a low paying career. Jim was disabled when we married at 39 so all he got was disability. My 3 brothers and sister all made well above mid 6 figures, but you never ever asked any of them for money...even a loan. They have a pull yourself up by your bootstraps mentality which is fine under most cir****tances, but damn...look around you!

I wouldnt ask them for a dime!

Lol about nosey ppl here. I could care less. I blocked a couple troublemakers and anyone else can see what I say...

Journaling is good...I do that off and on...I just needed the xtra boost zoloft gave me to get over the hump!


Judy G.
on 9/1/18 1:18 pm - Galion, OH

I am at the point they can all KMA!!! LOL

I am so sad that your Dr failed you when you could have had something done sooner for your heart!! Can you do something to that Dr? Just a thought...

My younger brother is talking to my older one again. I told Bill that Joe owes me an apology. He said Joe is "working" a lot and blah blah blah...oh bull ****!! I can see him on FB and his party party party...he is not working ALL the time. He said well he does have to have some fun you know. Yeah...like he ever called me to see how I was doing after mom died. NO! I am fed up. Like I said KMA.

I hear you on the nosey people on here...they need to get a life. Can't talk to us but they can sure gossip about us.

I take gabapatin for my siatic nerve pain not sure I am spelling that right but I am sure that won't get refilled due to the drug addicts. It works great for me so ofcourse I won't get it.

I write in my journal a few times a week. Glad that your Dr gave you something to help you.


on 8/31/18 12:36 pm

Judy, in July I had cortisone shots in my sciatic for extreme pain. They worked, thank God, and now i can walk again. You might ask your doctor. I feel your pain and pray you get relief soon.


Judy G.
on 9/1/18 1:19 pm - Galion, OH

Susan I don't know if that will help me or not. Will ask when I see him again.



on 8/27/18 3:54 pm

Hi Judy and Kathy,

I am sorry you both are going thru so much. I am praying for you both, Kathy for your afib to heal and Judy for your stress.

I too gained weight from depression after my mother in law passed away. She was much more of a mom to me than my own mother ever was. We became best friends when i became her primary caretaker. It has been over 2 years and i still miss her.

Give yourselves hugs from me!


on 8/27/18 5:14 pm

Thanks Grammy!

Unfortunately my afib will not heal as I was already too advanced for any interventions by the time I was diagnosed. All I can do is be compliant with my medication, diet and exercise and pray I don't get heart failure down the road!

I think from just reading the boards there appears to be a link between eating disorders and depression. I am an emotional eater who eats when I am happy, sad, angry, upset, etc.

But especially when depressed. I gained after each of my parents died and during other rough periods in my life.

And I hear you about your mother in law. I love my current mother in law to death, but mine from my 1st marriage was very special. I was close to my own mom, but she introduced me to experiences different then what I was raised with. We spent so much time together. She was a kind and accepting soul. I miss her still...she passes in 96 at only 61.

Hugs to you, too.



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