VSG...Should I do it???

on 8/31/18 10:25 am

I'm 63

Today my scale said 171.5 and my dietician said to continue on 1200 cals till i get my surgery date and that my GOAL WEIGHT should be 135. However, the nurse called to say my EKG showed Left Axis Differential whatever that is.

My question: IF I am ok'd to have VSG should I have the surgery or should I just continue to diet away the 35 pounds for the rest of my life.???

I seriously know how some people would kill to be 171, but on me at 5ft 2in my belly is huge. And when i was on steroids for a blood problem i went up to 230. I have never been able to keep a low weight for even a few years at a time.

Any ideas?



on 8/31/18 6:15 pm


It is always a personal choice whether or not to proceed with surgery once you get close to your actual date. Many things can happen between that first consult and going under the knife.

I had the same question prior to having the sleeve. I had never ever lost more than 20 lbs. in my entire life, but at 58 and with the help of my pre-op dietician I lost 75 lbs. by the month my surgery was scheduled! It was recommended I lose about 150 lbs., but MY goal was only 125. I considered not doing the surgery to get that last 50 off.

But then I decided to go ahead because I knew I had a lifelong eating problem, and I didn't want to lose the opportunity to get that tool. At 58 my chances of going thru the whole process again to qualify, etc. later down the road just didnt make sense. The benefits of the surgery outweighed the risks...

As you know I have the afib heart condition and extra weight could make it worse. Another factor in why I decided to have the surgery.

Have you talked to your doctor or cardiologist about what your diagnosis means and if it would prevent you or benefit you in terms of surgery.

Hopefully you can get some other points of view here or on the general or VSG forum.

Best of luck!



on 8/31/18 6:40 pm

I am 63 and had an abnormal ekg I see my primary next month to discuss the results. I am conflicted about having surgery at my age but I think as long as I get an ok from either my primary or go to a cardiologist I will move forward. I have had numerous chronic health issues in the last year. I think wls is my one option to get the weight off and get healthier. Talk to your doctor and cardiologist if need be. I know a number of people with heart problems that have been recommended to get wls. Good luck

Judy G.
on 9/1/18 1:38 pm - Galion, OH

Hi Sassy,

I would say if you get the OK then do it...but again think long and hard....It is the best thing I have ever done for myself!!!


Judy G.
on 9/1/18 1:33 pm - Galion, OH

Susan I would go with your Dr's advice on this one. If it is going to help you down the road later on in life...yes go for it. Later on doing this might be too late. So think long and hard about it.


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