Got A Surgery Date!

on 9/19/18 6:24 pm

I have not been on here much because i thought that when my EKG came back with a problem i would be rejected by the Bariatric program, however TODAY i got my call!

I still am having the Stress Echo on Oct. 30th, but they went ahead and scheduled my VSG for Nov. 12th YAY!

I decided to go forward with the VSG surgery because i have been trying to get down to the 160s for over a month and it seems IMPOSSIBLE! I am tracking my food, walking as much as my back can tolerate and trying to stay under 1200 cals daily. At this rate if i dont have surgery it will take OVER 3 YEARS to get to goal, IF I ever do.

I am so tired of having this weight on my aching bones any longer. Thanks for listening!


on 9/19/18 7:15 pm
VSG on 08/11/14

Congrats on your surgery date

on 9/19/18 8:03 pm - Canada

Go for it. We're here for you.


on 9/20/18 4:30 am

Congratulations on getting your surgery date!

I do not think you will regret it for a minute!

You are off to a good start that should make your surgery and recovery easier. I lost 75 lbs. pre-op and while I still was obese I believe it contributed to a very uneventful recovery.

And I sure miss how easy it was to lose weight that 1st year and keep it off!

Interested in your echo results given my own heart issues. Obviously it is not serious if you can move ahead. I know it helped my heart health a great deal as my ejection well heart is beating & getting oxygen...improved a great deal.

Let us know how you are doing over the next few weeks.



Judy G.
on 9/23/18 9:58 am - Galion, OH

Oh Susan I am SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! Now You HANG ON Because it IS a WID RIDE!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!

And keep coming back here for support!!!


on 9/25/18 9:13 am

Thank you everyone! I made some calls to find a cardiac lab to do the stress test sooner and just got a call back! A great nurse is expediting my records and we are hoping to have it done by week of 10/15 to get an earlier surgery date! Fingers crossed!


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