Judy G.
on 10/4/18 12:33 pm - Galion, OH

So I got the call back on my blood work. OMG. I have either Anemia OR I am bleeding internally. So I had to go in and pick up a kit to check for blood in my stool. Yippee. Also while there I had to had MORE blood work done because my Liver is showing something going on. HUH????? So 5 vials of blood today. Also call from a specialist Dr for consultation on the 17th. WTH?????? Dr wants me to have an ultra sound done. Not sure what this one wants to do. Also my cholesterol is high 137 dr wants it 100 or less. Sighs.....Soooooo I get to poop in a little pot tomorrow and stick a little stick in it 3 times and take that back for testing. I will also know more on my latest blood work tomorrow I guess also.

This getting old sucks!!!!

So how was your day?

on 10/4/18 3:12 pm


I would have tapped the like button, but I hate when doctors either call or request more tests when you see them and you have to sweat it out.

Is anemia related to one of the functions of the liver thus a possible correlation? I don't know. Plus I have seen where RNY and the lifelong requirements for vitamins, etc. can contribute to medical issues down the road...

But then again non WLS ppl...healthy and otherwise...end up with problems...and the older we get the more suseptible we are!

Try not to sweat it. If anything...in my case after being seriously ill twice and having the heart condition...I have become less anxious over time about stuff coming up.

Will say a prayer for you!


Judy G.
on 10/5/18 1:05 pm - Galion, OH

I know I have not taken my vitamins EVERY DAY like I should be but I DO take them. Before I had RNY I did have bleeding Internally caused from taking Motrin. I have not taken Motrin or ANY NSAIDS since WLS. Is it from all the SWEETS I have been eating? The Chips? I don't know.

Thank you for the Prayers....


on 10/4/18 11:58 pm, edited 10/4/18 5:09 pm - Canada


15% of RnYers become iron defficient over time and need supplementation, some even need iron infusions. Google « RnY Gastric Bypass and anemia » and see all the hits come up.

Make sure your doctor is aware as many aren?t. The problem is we cannot absorb iron from foods as we have a small pouch and no longer have the big stomach with intrinsic factor in the lining (needed to absorb iron). So you are probably not bleeding inside, and your poop will be normal. Print up info from reputable sites to give your doctor about gastric bypass and anemia. Sleeved gastric bypass patients are less likely to become anemic, whereas RnYers will. You may need iron supplementation is all, if seriously chronically anemic you may need infusions to keep your levels up.

As to liver enzymes, they sometimes go weird for a while with gastric bypass, so no panic yet, keep tabs though ...we had a posting on iron defficiency and liver enzymes a little while back, look for it. I think it was Nancy B from Niagara -on-the-lake on 6/10/18 with a post titled Old Timer, who was having troubles then and several of us responded..her Doctor like so many General Practitioners (family doctors) knew nothing about RnY and what can happen afterwards so we have to be proactive and do the research ourselves...and speak up.

Good luck


Judy G.
on 10/5/18 1:09 pm - Galion, OH

My Dr is aware of my RNY and if he has questions he looks them up so he knows more...and if he can't help he sends me to one that will. So hopefully I am being sent in the right directions....TESTS...AND MORE TESTS...and the Specialist also.


on 10/5/18 1:27 pm - Canada

Cant harm to remind him that you could be in the 15% of RnYers to explain your anemia. I am anemic and have to supplement .

Good luck

Judy G.
on 10/5/18 1:33 pm - Galion, OH

ok will mention it thanks

on 10/6/18 5:48 pm
VSG on 08/11/14

Sorry for all you are going through, prayers for a good outcome and a easy fix.

on 10/8/18 12:19 pm - NJ

So, what's the update?

                                                          VSG 6/4/13


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