Windy Wednesday

on 11/28/18 8:34 am

Hello Ladies!

Well it is the windiest & coldest it's been so far this season. The wind is just biting right thru me. Brrrr!

I had my run of appointments this week...reminded me of being pre-op.

Saw lung doctor yesterday about the shortness of breath I had over summer. He ordered a chest xray and breathing test to make dure all is good.

Last night I had sleep study for same reason. Tech said I didn't qualify for cpap...yay, but doc will follow up with me.

Just getting back from mammogram. Geez, much quicker than in past! Used to take a bunch of pics, but only 4 this time.

Judy, wondering how your biopsy went? Hope it wasn't too painful.

Hope everyone who stops in is doing well. Hoping to get this medical stuff behind me so I can relax. Really looking forward to Christmas this year!



on 11/29/18 9:25 am

Kathy, i am so thankful your tests so far are clear and i pray your mammo is also!

I too am excited Christmas is coming! Ayla is now two and a half so she loves changing the decorations on the lower part of the Christmas tree (artificial and attached to the wall so she cannot knock it over). The decorations are all kid friendly as well.

Happy Holy-Days!


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