One Month Quicker Recovery?

on 11/29/18 9:36 am

Hello friends!

Today marks one month since VSG!

I know i am supposed to still be on purees and soft foods but I have been eating (chewing, chewing, chewing) an ounce or two of our Thanksgiving turkey and ham a couple times a day with no pain, no problems, nothing wrong!

Is this normal to heal up quicker than the bariatric program says?

I am thoroughly enjoying my recovery and am sticking to my 800 cal recommendations and still getting my fluid and protein goals met, as well as walking 30 or more minutes at least 5 days a week.

What do you think?

on 11/29/18 10:44 am

Hi Susan!

Glad you are doing so well! I had a similar pain from day 1, no problems with the food at each stage and I was able to move quickly back to regular food, but stayed within my limits.

The first month it can be easy bc your nerves in your stomach were cut so no sensation. I didn't begin to feel restriction for a couple months. Early on I did get the foamies from protein only. I learned to use that tool and stop eating before I got full.

If you're able to nibble on proteins you should be okay...just be aware once your stomach heals you may not be able to nibble as much. Stay in line with your calories and protein goals. Keep up the exercise. And drink, drink, drink.

But also share your info with your surgeon.

Good luck!


on 11/29/18 12:37 pm

Thanks, Kathy!

I did just read a site called Bariatric Surgery Source and their timeline of progression is three weeks faster than the one Loma Linda gave me.

Yes, i have been concerned about my nerves not working. I do get a knot feeling in the top of my stomach when i eat one quarter to one half cup of pureed solids. So it reminds me to stop, wait and pay attention which usually makes me wait 20 to 30 mins to finish the last few bites, if at all.

Boy i am so glad i had this done! I am in a stall around 154 but this is the weight i was in 1974 when i got married so i am not concerned. I know it will come off eventually if i stick to my plan.

Thanks again, friend!

on 11/29/18 2:00 pm

Yes, I think timelines vary by surgeons and us as individuals. My surgeon and nutritionist were pretty laid back as they provided GUIDELINES...not DIRECTIONS!

I was more comfortable with that approach.

I cannot remember how much I lost each month after surgery. It was slow, but steady though and I remember by Christmas...2 months post op...I was close to MY goal although the surgeon suggested lower.

I never made my goal or the doctor's, but felt good when I hit 125 pounds gone. I began looking gaunt about 30 pounds prior to goal so I began maintenance and have been over the moon satisfied ever since! I may have regained 30 in the past year, but I still document every bite even if I am over my daily limit or it is a slice of cheesecake.

All the things I learned pre-op and post op have helped me. I always tend to be a worrywart about my health, but as I mentioned earlier this week all my medical testing is looking good.

Just gonna focus on getting this 30 off!


on 11/30/18 8:56 am

We are in this together Kathy!

Success now and in the new year!

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