on 12/11/18 2:14 pm

Hi peeps...

Well I lost another good tenant. She passed away last night. Seems all I lose are the good ones here. WHY? So sad over her passing. Going to miss her a lot!

No news on my mammogram or my bone scan yet.

Got a bill in the mail for dr and test. ??? I called to ask WHY. She said she would look into it and call me back. I said yes please do! I pay through the nose for this insurance and seems like it should be cover in full now that my deductible is met. So far no call back.

Started getting ready to make supper tonight and seems like everything I touched about fell out onto the floor. One did and it happened to be the just about FULL large jar (glass) of salsa. Broke all over the place. The cupboard door, my pants, floor, refrigerator...what a mess!!! By the time I had it all cleaned up I thought I was going to pass out.

My brother called and was talking to me about Christmas. Was I going to come home this year? No. I am broke. He said it will only cost me gas money. Yeah I know that but I do not even have that. I am broke. Just so happened that I got a defered payment on my truck to make just the interest payment for this month. Woohoo. We can eat the rest of the month! Having that $61.00 tube of cream didn't help either. Or the other co pays for the preps I had to have 3 times! Sighs...Or my dentist bill either that I didn't plan on. Guess they were right...when it rains it pours!! It just plain stinks!! And people wonder why I am so depressed. There is a lot more going on but you get the drift.

So how is everything in your world?

on 12/11/18 5:21 pm
VSG on 08/11/14

I understand about the money situation. If it wasn't for donating plasma last week, I wouldn't been able to buy groceries and other things I needed since my whole paycheck went for bills. Next week I won't be able to work for three days. I'm having a colonoscopy done on the 19th and have to do a 2 day prep cleansing. Then we have Christmas Eve and day off and don't get any holiday pay. Also New Year's Eve and day off. So January check will be really small.

Work is going good. We had a new baby start yesterday. I laugh at her name Royal Moody.

I just take one day at a time or moments at a time to get me through the days since the winter months are the hardest for me. The news said my city is the sixth cloudiest city in the United States. I believe it.

Have a good night

on 12/12/18 12:51 pm

A TWO day prep?? OMG I feel bad for you!!

Royal Moody? This is a HUMAN baby?

I hate winter months! Seems like it is dark forever! I don't know how they take it in Alaska!

on 12/13/18 9:21 am
VSG on 08/11/14

Yes a human baby, she is black though

on 12/11/18 5:52 pm

Judy i will keep you in my prayers.

Yvonne, praying for your situation as well.

Only God knows the bigger picture.

I like to think of Him weaving the tapestry of our lives. When i look at the underside i only see knots and strings and way too many black patches, way, way too much black.

When it is finished and i get to see His side of it I am sure the black will only make the colors sparkle and shine and it will be a marvelous masterpiece. This is my hope.

Hold on to hope my friends!

With love,


on 12/12/18 6:19 am

Hi Susan...I know its always risky to discuss your religious & political beliefs on social media, but I loved your analogy of God's plan.

When I had my cancer in 2012 I had so many spiritual experiences it left no doubt in my mind God was carrying me when I could not walk like in the Footprints prayer.

It happened again last year when I became seriously ill with sepsis.

Anyhow my 2012 experience taught me to accept things as they came...good or bad...because I had caught a glimpse of God's much larger plan.

I still get upset and frustrated over 'bad' things when they happen, but I have found things don't bother me for as long or as much.

Just wanted to respond.



on 12/12/18 8:11 am

Thanks, Kathy.

Our family has gone thru so much as well. I would rather share my heart and be blocked than hold my tongue.

Feel free to email me: [email protected]

Take care,


on 12/13/18 6:42 am

Thank you Susan ?

And thanks for the email.


on 12/12/18 12:53 pm

Thank you once again Susan...I have talks with GOD a lot it seems and hopefully one of these days HE will turn my life right again.


on 12/12/18 5:27 pm

Judy, feel free to email me directly any time if you'd like.

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