on 12/15/18 11:38 am

So I get the mail and my insurance statement says THIS IS NOT A BILL but it is showing I could owe another $300.00 for something that insurance is not covering!!! What do I have this insurance for if it isn't covering anything??????? Says Medicare isn't covering it, and neither is Anthem!! So WTH????? WHY am I paying out almost $250.00 A month for this insurance???? SMH......and people wonder why I am so depressed.

OK back to your normal life...thanks for reading here...

on 12/15/18 3:58 pm - Canada

Dear Judy, sorry you are down in the dumps....move to Canada, our Universal health system despite US critics pays for everything , on and out of hospital no insurance company involved....you get private insurance only for eyeglasses, prescription meds, dentist (80% to 50% of procedures covered) plus things like mobility aids, walkers, crutches, home hospital beds and other rentals or purchases). Our universal health system paid for by income taxes , paid for my 11 months in home day nurses for wounds , and other nursing care...would have cost a bomb if had to pay like you!

am horrified at your monthly plus out of pocket costs...would not be able to pay like you!

on 12/16/18 9:09 am

Right...and what would I do for a job??????

on 12/16/18 10:17 am - Canada

I could be flippant and say we have morenand more Funny Farms needing competent managers like you, but that won't help your immediate medical insurance problems. I really feel bad for you and the situation you and others are in because of medical insurance.

on 12/16/18 7:21 am

Judy...the system is broken and unfortunately I don't see any solutions for an overhaul in our lifetime.

This is why Jim and I are in the predicament we are with the medical debt. Two things just blew us out of the water: much was not covered when his leg was amputated in 2010 and then he got MRSA while having one of his many follow up surgeries. He had to have IV treatments 3x's a day to the tune of $1000/day AFTER INSURANCE for 40 days!

I hate to have to file bankruptcy as we were raised to take care of our business. Additionally, the hospitals, clinics & some of the doctors we would need to go bankrupt on are the only providers for some of our required services. Don't know if we will be able to see them afterwards or be forced to travel to new doctors or facilities.

Most of all I am afraid if we 'wipe the slate clean' in 2019 and incur more medical debt later we will be back at square one.

I would call your insurance company to inquire about ANY uncovered charges and appeal in writing if they won't cover. Also get real familiar with your benefits book.

It is time consuming as hell, but MIGHT be worth the effort.

I need to email you the cream info. Will do so later today.

Take care!


on 12/16/18 9:12 am

Soon as I get familiar with it then it all changes to a different one!!! It never ends!!! Now you know why I said I give up!!!

I am also thinking of bankruptcy!!! Maybe its the only way now........

on 12/16/18 10:22 am - Canada

I am so terribly sad to read about your ordeals. My heart goes out to you, what terrible choices you have to make.

on 12/16/18 7:47 am

Praying for financial miracles for all!

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