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Lisa H.
on 4/12/12 9:30 pm - Whitehall, PA
Yesterday, the **** hit the fan and I had enough.  I caught Siehara trying to sneak in yet another phone that she bought so she could once again get in touch with her "friends" from online.

I cannot go into the whole story right now, but she exploded, we argued, she took off, I chased her, and I took her to the psych ER at the local hospital.  We left to go there around 9pm.  I finally talked to a social worker to come up with a plan around 2 and I left her at the hospital to come home and try to sleep around 3.  I fell asleep around 5 this morning and now I am up again so I can go be with her while we wait for a bed at Kids Peace INpatient program.  

There is supposed to be a bed opening up around 10:30 this morning.  

I have to stop and get gas and pick up a money order so my rent can get paid before I go to the hospital.  So, I'll be off and running and following the ambulance to the inpatient facility today. 

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  I know I'm doing the right thing, but it doesn't make it any easier.  

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on 4/12/12 9:47 pm

Honey, I am so sorry that you are going through this!! I wish I lived closer I would come over right now!! If you need ANYTHING, call or text me!!!

Positive thoughts and prayers to you and Siehara!!

Love you both!


on 4/12/12 10:03 pm - Lancaster, PA
Lisa I am sorry. I cannot imagine how you feel, but we did go through similar stuff with my nieces. All this and you are so sick too. What can we do for you? 
Jodi H.
on 4/13/12 1:29 am
Prayers for both of you, Lisa. I understand how hard it is to figure out what is going on in their minds. You are absolutely doing the right thing. She may say she hates you now, but know that one day when she is a Mom, she will thank you for caring so much about her. Hugs and lots of love from Lansdale.
Lisa H.
on 4/14/12 1:58 am - Whitehall, PA
 Seems like you are learning even more about me than you would have ever thought, huh Jodi?!?!   I'm glad we are able to become closer through our journeys! I can't wait for you big day to get here!  Then, I can call you a skinny ***** too!!!

BTW, my OH peeps... Jodi and I went to high school together... and we also dressed like little Moravian girls in downtown Bethlehem many moons ago.  We gave tours of the historic area!  

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Arlene E.
on 4/13/12 1:45 am - Philadelphia, PA


I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope that Siehara gets  help and care there that she needs. 

You will be in my thoughts.  All this while you do not feel well.  

Laureen S.
on 4/13/12 5:23 am - Maple Shade, NJ

Prayers and thoughts going up for you and Siehara. . . enough said.


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Sara E.
on 4/13/12 2:56 pm - Pennsylvania Furnace, PA
Hugs to you my friend.  Being a Mom is the toughest thing on earth. Keep up the great work.  Doing the right thing is often not the easy thing. We are all praying for you & Sieharra. 




IdaMae D.
on 4/13/12 10:52 pm - Philadelphia, PA
Sending our thoughts, prayers, and love...


Patricia R.
on 4/14/12 9:40 pm - Perry, MI
Sorry this is so late.  I am praying for both of you.  This is for the best, as painful as it is right now.

Hugs and prayers,

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