pannus rash

on 6/26/07 7:12 am - wilkes-barre, PA
hi all i've lost 180 lbs as a result of my gbs almost 2 years ago. my reason for posting is because i;m having problems with rashes and just plain irritations under my hanging pannus. i'm wondering if mine is comparable to other's in reguard to severity. i have been self treating with otc remedies as i am allergic to almost all antibiotics. would anyone be willing to share with me pics of their pannus issues so that i can see if mine is as bad as i think it is or not? i know it sounds like a strange request. lol......but it'll make me feel better to see that others are going through the same thing as me. thanks! you can email them to me at [email protected] jessica 412/232/1??
on 6/26/07 7:35 am - Milwaukee, WI
Hey, Jessica! In my opinion, if you are having rashes, it is bad enough. The key is to document, document, document. Document every rash through photographs and dates and how you tried treating it and that you did not have success. My insurance co. needed dates, photos and a letter from myself, my family doctor, my ps, my gastric bypass surgeon etc. I needed to document my rash problems for 3 months, so start now! I don't have pictures posted yet, but will try. My pannus hung about 2 inches below my pubic area. Katie
on 6/26/07 1:20 pm - Hugo, MN
document- go in to the dr - and have them document it- and take pictures- my biggest mistake was not doing that- i tried using fungal cream- powders etc.. for over a year now- i had it "documented" but not looked at- and my insurnace needs 6 months of medically supervised treatment- too bad- the medication they give you- to put on a RASH- makes you burn and sting and stain underwear... my panni was denied because i am short 3 months of the 6 documentations.... i never took pictures- but if your rashes are anything like mine- and even if it's a small ra**** HURTS- painful- my panni hangs just below the mons area.... i'm appealing it- as fungal over the counter cream has been documented on my chart- for over ayear and also my gastric bypass surgeon noted i spoke about rashes from december 2005- then again on march 2006- octber 2006- so there's over a year "noted" but may not be documented... PHOTOS... jennifer
on 6/26/07 3:18 pm
A woman on he DS site said she used deoderant and it helped with the rash. I know your post is from June but I thought it might give you some relief till you can get the documentation for PS. Best of luck to you on getting approval, Betty
on 6/27/07 3:59 am - Roseville, CA
Here is my tw cents worth. Anything that hangs, swings or bounces around, sweats and gets rashes is just wrong. If your pannis is big enough to do any of the above, it's too big. Yes you can take pictures, you can document, you can go to the docs. But what you really need to know, is what is the criteria of your insurance company before they will pay for the surgery. I belong to Kaiser. They have their own critera. I meet all of the criteria, except one. The pannis must hang half way down your thigh to your knee. I am here to tell you that that is a bit extreme!!! The other criteria is that you must be at your goa weight. You must have been able to maintain your weight for 6 months to 1 year. You have to be in good health. They prefer no high blood pressure, no diabetes, no nothing. You have to had rashes, hip/back aches from the weight of the hanging flesh. Because my pannis does not hang half way down my thigh, my husband and I are paying for the surgery. My recommendation is find out what the exact criteria for your insurance company is. Also, when I had a ra****reated it like a burn. Because to me the tissue felt like a burn. I used Dessitin on it. It is used for diaper rash. And I also used pure aloe on it to take the fire out of it. Both worked great for me. Also, I would take several long strips of toilet paper and lay it under the pannis. Every time I went to the bathroom, I would change it out. The toilet paper really helped with the sweating. My doctor told me that he had heard of women sticking kotex under their pannis. Toilet paper is easier and cheaper. Good luck! I did not know that when I lost all of my weight that this would be my next problem. Don't know why? Just didn't figure it.
Renee H.
on 6/27/07 4:47 am - Bronx, NY
Hi Jessica, I have no pics of rashes but I had a hanging pannus as you can see in my profile. The fact that you have rashes that are not responding to OTC medications shows me that the problem is persistent and resistant to regular medications. You should go to your doctor and have bim prescribe something topical. If it doesn't help (and my thought is that it will be recurring), you should ask for a referral to a dermatologist. If their treatment doesn't work, you might want to consider having it removed. If your plan is to have plastic surgery somewhere down the road, it would be best to have your skin issues and attempts with treatment documented because if you ever go for insurance approval.
on 6/27/07 2:46 pm - Richmond, TX
I went to a dermatologist to help heal up the weeping rash and then started using antiperspirant (sp?) everyday. It really helped me. You should try it. Dawn
on 7/11/18 12:50 am, edited 7/12/18 6:01 am

If not washed and dried daily, fungal growth develops in the skin folds it has a nasty odorMy doctor prescribed Nitrostatin powder for the red sore that developed under my pannus. It comes in a small shaker bottle, only a tiny amount applied right after washing and thoroughly drying the area cleared the sore up immediately. After sore is cleared up, keep area dry by bathing daily, drying thoroughly, then place clean dry washcloths, toilet paper or paper toweling between the skin folds. Check throughout the day to make sure it is in place and dry. Even if you are in air conditioning indoors all day, your body is sweating. Without putting a layer of cloth or paper between your skin folds, the infections will come right back.

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