Advice on surgeon in SC?

on 4/22/11 4:01 am - Upstate, SC
I'm almost 5 years out from my DS - and am SO sick of my Panni!

The economy being what it is, I'll need insurance help if I have surgery. I do have recurring skin infections below the panni, and have made sure my internist has documented this over the years.

In a perfect world, I'd love to get a breast lift & my arms done, too - but I just can't afford that.

So, has anyone had great results from a surgeon in SC? My ins (if it covers procedure) will pay 80% in SC...but only 60% out of state... so I best stay close to home!

I was a self-pay for my DS, so I've already made quite the investment (best money I ever spent!) and done the travel thing before... but I'd like to fully research the possibility of staying close to home for plastics-

 sw 286/  cw 180ish  BMI 28
Thank God for the DS! It saved my life, literally & figuratively! 

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