Breast reduction in 3 days...YIKES

on 6/18/11 11:36 pm - Box Elder, SD
I'm scheduled for my breast reduction mammoplasty in 3 short days and I'm getting really nervous.  I'm really excited to have it done but the nerves are really starting to creep in.  I would love to hear any helpful hints from anyone who has had this done that you maybe wish someone had told you ahead of time! 
on 6/19/11 5:54 am
I had a breast-lift and slight reduction a little over a week ago, and can tell you that it was the best thing I've ever done!  I am so happy with the results already (I cried with joy the day after), and there is little to no pain. 
on 6/19/11 1:42 pm
If you have any specific questions, I'd be more than happy to answer!  I had some lipo at the same time, so that's been a little unpleasant, but the lift/reduction is really easy!
on 6/19/11 11:14 pm - Box Elder, SD
I appreciate that and I will definitely keep it in mind.  Friends I've spoken to who have had the reduction mammoplasty done have all said it is a pretty painful recovery so I'm happy to hear from at least one person that it may not be quite as bad as I've built it up in my mind to be.
on 6/20/11 2:22 am
I dunno if it's just that my other procedure is so uncomfortable by comparison, but the boobs are so easy!  If it weren't for the other stuff, I wouldn't have needed pain medication AT ALL.  And I wasn't even offered a narcotic, so my pain has been adequately controlled with tylenol, aspirin, Tramadol, etc.  My boobies feel great!  I think I get sutures out today, so I expect that to be quite painfuk, but really all I've done is just take it easy and the boobies are just fine
on 6/20/11 6:26 am - Box Elder, SD
I'm surprised they have you taking aspirin.  Our bariatric surgeon has told us to avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, and NSAIDS if at all possible because of the risks of ulcers.  Glad its working out for you!
on 6/21/11 3:07 am, edited 6/21/11 3:08 am
I have a sleeve, not an RNY, so I cana take NSAIDS and whatever else without increased risk.
on 6/20/11 9:07 am - VA
i had my breast lift two wks ago tomorrow. Its not painless by any means but in comparison to the RNY its nothing. by about 3-4 day after I couldn't believe i was 3-4 days post op i felt so good. I was totally super nervous before mine.

at least for me changes in temperature hurt. with the pain meds I kept getting hot flashes and used a personal fan that has kept me cool but when i get chills and chilly bumps my nipples hurt.

the surgical bra they gave me got really uncomfortable to wear and they suggested a tank underneath. i did that and it made it so much more bearable.

loose clothing to start with. flowy button downs have been my poison of choice. also unless i go out. i just wear the bra around the house w/o a shirt its just more comfy.

I also used a lanyard to hold my drains around my neck so they wouldn't snag on other things.

I hope this helps. I'm sorry you're nerves are getting to you. But you'll do great and before you know it you'll be done and on the way to recovery with us good luck!!

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on 6/21/11 12:48 am - GA
I had a reduction i***** (which saved me from having "tennis balls in tube socks" after my gastric bypass). The lipo done was the worst part. To this day I would do it again if I had to. I had a tummy tuck, all around due to the nature of the hanging fat, a week ago. Different kind of pain, but I went to the same plastic surgeon, who is awesome.
Best advise is to do nothing for the time frame given(2 weeks for me). Well worth it
on 6/21/11 1:23 am - Box Elder, SD
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for your words of encouragement!  I'll definitely be thinking of them tomorrow morning.  I'm so excited to have this done and I know the nerves will disappear as soon as they give me that "happy juice"!
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