Brachio one week post op- help

Amy Smith
on 7/14/11 1:39 pm
I am exactly one week post brachio today. Drains removed 4 days post op and I have not needed pain meds since (Tylenol for the aching). I am currently laying here with ice bags, arms wrapped in ace bandages (like usual),have taken the last bit of pain meds And my arms are BURNING. Everything looks normal, slightly swelled and puffy at the elbows but that is how it has been.
To those of u who have been here.....
What is happening?
What can I do to make it stop so I can sleep?
Is this normal?
What have I done? Did I do something I shouldn't have?

Thanks for sharing ur experience. I've been okay until tonigt!
Cyn K.
on 7/14/11 2:32 pm - Caledon, Canada
Did you lift anything, I learned the hard way about lifting, seemed ok at the time but a few hours later I'd pay for it.  Almost felt like the incredible hulk once since it felt like my arms were going to rip open.
on 7/14/11 5:41 pm - United Arab Emirates
Hi - I had my arm lift 4 weeks ago and have not suffered any burning issues - my arms are more tender and swollen.  I know that if I overdo it - which can just be reaching a bit further than I should or lifting something heavy eg the kettle - then my arms feel more tender along the incision line.

I do feel so much better and supported when I am wearing compression sleeves - they give me arms much more support than bandages.

Hope someone can help more with the burning issue and that you feel better soon.

Take Care
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Laura in Texas
on 7/14/11 9:03 pm
RNY on 09/17/08 with
I never had any burning. And I also agree that compression sleeves helped me. And I was extremely careful about no stretching or reaching. I sat with my arms propped up all day.

By day 10 I was ready to go back to work. Please call your doctor!!


Laura in Texas

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on 7/14/11 10:59 pm
I had the burning sensation also.  It lasted for at least 3 weeks and my surgeon said it was primarily due to the liposuction he did when he did the brachio.  Did you have lipo, too?  If so, I'm sure that's what it is and it is perfectly normal.  Sometimes the burning doesn't start for a few days after surgery because of the anesthesia, etc.  Mine didn't start burning until about day 3. 
I took Vicodan at night so I could sleep. 
Good luck!!  
(deactivated member)
on 7/15/11 1:06 am
HI Amy...

Just wanted to send you healing thoughts and prayers...Bless you sweetheart, I pray for the burning to subside quickly.!!

I haven't had this surgery, but I have experienced the ntense burning in my tummy...It is very painful, but Thank you, Jesus, it has just about gone completely away...I will keep you in my prayers for the burning to leave..

Blessings Sweetie..!!

Amy Smith
on 7/15/11 1:33 am
Thanks all.  Im on the phone with my surgeon now!  I have a feeling I moved a little too much yesterday.  THey are calling in some more pain meds.  I did finally fall asleep last night, I had forgotten how long nights can be! :-)
Thanks everyone.  One day at a time and I probably need to take it a little slower!
on 7/15/11 3:45 am - COLUMBIA CITY, IN
I had a 5 pound weight limitation for the first month and has been 8 pounds since (I'm 7 weeks post brachioplasty and fleur de lis TT)

I had ACE wraps for first month and then just at night.  I wear silicone strips on arm incisions to minimize scars currently.

Armpits were the worst for me.  If I would "reach - up, forward, back", try to put anything on or off over my head - then I would have burning.

Tylenol was all I used since the first week. 

I did "pop" a couple places open in armpits and I had to keep skin from touching skin or it really burned.  I would fold a 4x4 gauze or ladies hankie, or button up from PJ top and tuck into armpit while I was sitting to keep the skin from touchng skin.

Hope you find relief.  Keep hydrated - it helps swelling.
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on 7/15/11 10:40 pm - Bear, DE

I hope your arm pain has stopped.  I'm going to try to attend this months support group meeting.  Do you think you'll be up to it?  If you need anything, send me a pm, I can't live that far away!  You are going to look marvelous!


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Gail S.
on 7/18/11 10:39 pm - New York, NY
How are you feeling now? Did the burning subside? Was the doctor able to explain what caused the burning? I'm having my brachio done on Friday.
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