TT&Breast Lift 3 Mths out & Thigh&Arm Lift - 6 weeks out - Pics

on 7/26/11 12:27 am - United Arab Emirates
Hi ladies

I've posted some progress pics on my blog of my TT with muscle repair and breast lift - 3 months ago followed by medial Thigh Lift and Arm Lift 7 weeks later - 6 week progress pics.

Click on the link to read my blog/see the pics if you want to.


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on 7/26/11 1:00 am - TX
Amazing, looking better and better! Your tummy looks so good, such a big difference.
on 7/26/11 1:33 am - AK
Wow, you look great. What a long way you have came. Congratulations!
on 7/26/11 2:42 am
your results are great!
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Lia D
on 7/26/11 8:28 am - Waldorf, MD
You look great!  I'll be a happy camper if I look 1/2 as good when my swelling goes down.  Congrats your doctor did a wonderful job.  You should be very pleased.  Thanks for sharing.

Lia d
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