Amy Smith
on 7/29/11 12:40 pm
My surgery went well, but I was not prepared for the pain level.  Most of the pain to this point has been on my left side at the crease between stomach and leg.  

Hope to update later, but the meds are definately knocking me out (Thank God)!  I was not prepared for this level of pain since my arms only had  a couple nights of intense pain, but still only less than this.)   
Melinda L.
on 7/29/11 12:49 pm - San Antonio, TX
Congrats on a successful surgery and I'm sorry that the pain level is so high!  :(

I had my surgery last Wednesday and other than severe itching, my pain has been well controlled by the meds so I can't give you any suggestions other than get as much rest as you can and hopefully you'll start feeling better soon!!
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Dr Peter Fisher of San Antonio Plastic Surgery Center
on 7/30/11 3:18 am - COLUMBIA CITY, IN
I had a fleur de lis tummy tuck with muscle resculpting & brachioplasty.  The pain from TT was much worse than I'd anticipated (I've had 4 open belly surgeries before and thought I knew what to expect.!)

Take your meds.  Wear compression.  Take it easy,  Increase protein & fluids.  Sleep.  It gets better day by day.

Best wishes.
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