Seroma and going out of town

Kayla B.
on 7/31/11 11:19 am - Austin, TX
I am about 5 weeks post op from an LBL.  I am going out of town for a wedding in Boston this Thurs, and I have a seroma :(.  From my understanding, it often takes several times draining it before it resolves.  I am going to get it drained tomorrow, and I'll be able to see my surgeon again on Wed before I leave, but I am so nervous about a reoccurence because I'll be gone for almost 10 days.

Any advice or something?  I am still wearing my compression garment, but I don't know what else to do.  I had been rolling towels and putting them in my garment to increase compression, but it seemed like the seroma exploded within just a few brief hours when I took them out so I could take a shower and go out in public to run a couple of errands (though I was still wearing the garment). 

Maybe I could wrap myself and wear the garment?  I don't know :(

This kinda makes me wish I'd left a drain in! 
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Laura in Texas
on 7/31/11 12:01 pm
Oh, no!! No advice, but I hope it resolves itself soon!!

I though by now, 5 weeks out, we'd both be doing well. My open wound is doing better, but I still am taking it extremely easy so that I don't make it worse.

Baby steps....


Laura in Texas

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on 7/31/11 10:27 pm, edited 7/31/11 10:27 pm - Yorktown, VA
When I did the towel thing, I started it IMMEDIATELY after the seroma was aspirated.  I also tried to only shower every other day so that I could leave it rolled up across the spot for as long as possible.  This is what finally kept mine from coming back.  I'd try it.  It certainly can't hurt.

I'd also talk to your surgeon about what he wants you to do if it comes back while you're gone.  Mine wasn't that big and I never got a fever or anything, so I think I'd have been fine to wait to return to get it aspirated again (if needed).  I think they got abot 60cc that last time they aspirated it.  He might think you can wait or might tell you to watch for certain things and head to an ER if they occur.

Good luck!

ETA:  When I stuffed the towel in there it was TIGHT.  It was actually almost uncomfortable, it was so tight.  If it shifted and pressed on another area it would hurt and I'd have to move it.  It also made me, temporarily, lopsided due to so much compression on one side.  (Went away a couple of hours after removing it.)  So, make sure it's REALLY tight.  The point it so keep the skin pressed against the other tissues so tightly that there is no way for fluid to get in there.
Kayla B.
on 7/31/11 11:29 pm - Austin, TX
Thanks, that helps.

I am actually starting to think my compression garment is too big now.  I really don't think I can make mine that tight!  I had two hand towels in there and it really wasn't that uncomfortable.  I actually kinda liked it because it gave me extra

So, did you just...not go in public or something?  Or did you just try to cover the bulging from the towel in your clothes? 

I am actually thinking that most of my discomfort is from digestive issues instead of the fluid.  At the end of the day, I have full colon, swelling, and the fluid.  I feel so good in the morning though. 

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(deactivated member)
on 8/1/11 6:03 am - Yorktown, VA
Maybe you do need a new compression garment.

I didn't go out in public all that  much during that time as I was still off of work.  When I did go, I had on loose, flowy sundresses.

I feel like the TT portion of the LBL (tightened tummy muscles) and the combination of the pressure of the compression garment kind of exascerbated any gas/tummy issues I had for awhile.  You might be experiencing something similar?
Kayla B.
on 8/1/11 6:40 am - Austin, TX
I went and got another spanx-type deal.  I'm all drained - 85ccs later.  I have my new spanx all packed with towels too and my surgeon gave me a piece of foam to put in my garment as well. 

I was actually doing really well with the tummy issues I had for awhile right after surgery.  I had been having some chronic constipation for a couple years, and it was really improved for about 3 weeks and then suddenly went back.  I thought I needed another round of flagyl so that's what I'm doing right now and that always kinda upsets my stomach.  Doing better today though.  

My surgeon happened to do his residency in the same city I'm traveling to, so he did say if I got really really full that I could go get drained there.
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