Update - 4 weeks out

Amy Smith
on 8/24/11 1:45 am
I just wanted to update how things are going....

*  My last drain was removed on Monday.
*  My leg incisions look great
*  My arms (surgery in early July) - look WONDERFUL.  I seem to have some swelling in the elbow area, which causes pain in the tendons at my wrist.  I am no longer wearing the compression garments at all and it seems to actually have helped my wrist.
*  My stomach is no longer read and infected.
*  The stoma*****ision is "healing"  The PS cut away some of the "proud flesh" to promote new healing.
* My stomach drainage is mainly blood at this point an not think.

This seems to be getting better, except the pain and discomfort.  I have a fairly constant burning along the stoma*****ision line.  So I am still taking pain meds on a pretty regular basis.

Hope all of you are doing well!!  We had an earthquake yesterday, so we had to evacuate school and the start of school was delayed today and noone is allowed in the building.  We all have stacks of papers to copy and many still have piles all over our rooms.  I am thankful for the day of not being able to do anything as I needed a day of rest! (I went to bed at 5 last night and didn't get up until after 9 this morning!)
on 8/24/11 2:38 am
Hi and so glad that healing seems on an upswing.  Good for you! Hopefully the pain will follow suit. 

I'm a little over a wk out from TT/LBL, drains removed yesterday which gave me a boost of energy but today I'm back in bed on lortab...

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on 8/24/11 4:19 am
so....did you do too much too soon?  hoping you get better really soon!  i know you were so excited to get those drains out!!
Blessings,  J
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on 8/24/11 5:55 am
You are so sweet... I was so excited to get the drains out everything else seems anticlimactic.  I still feel good overall just tired  ...

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on 8/24/11 2:48 am - Fort Myers Beach , FL
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Glad to hear you are steping forward a little more in recovery.  Keep resting, taking your pain meds and let it happen. 

It seems like each week is new.  I am 4.5 weeks out and I am starting to feel like myself again.  

(deactivated member)
on 8/24/11 3:31 am
Hi Amy...

It's SO GOOD to hear a GOOD report from you...I'm trusting for your complete healing...

I'm Happy you got some much needed rest and I'm Happy you are O.K. from the earthquake...

Blessings continued in your life, Sweetie..!!

Still Fawn
on 8/24/11 3:38 am - SIERRA MADRE, CA
I am so glad you are healing up well and headed in the right direction. thanks for the update!

 I am still loving life with my sleeve! Been maintaining at or below goal for over 4 years!
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on 8/24/11 11:50 am - Hollywood, FL
So happy to hear things are looking up!!! WHere were you at that you felt earth quake? My son lives and works in DC. But he wasn't there, he works for the agriculture Dept. and they had him on a field trip in N.Virginia in George Washington National Forest! faked him othut, where to in the midst of all those trees!!!???!!!

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