biocream-what did you use for scars?

on 8/24/11 11:57 am
DS on 08/30/10 with
Hi Everyone,
 I am about 2 months out from having tummy tuck and arms done.  I have been using biocream from my doctors but it is like $95 and I just can't afford it anymore.  Just wondering what others have used for their scars?

on 8/24/11 12:05 pm - Hollywood, FL
I tried scare guard, but it would peel off brushing up against any clothing! I bought 2 silicone sheets $$$$ I haven't used them just yet.

How was your experience going with the cream? Besides the sticker shock!

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on 8/24/11 12:19 pm
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So far the experience with the cream is good just too pricy.
on 8/24/11 12:09 pm
Lori...I didn't know you went ahead with your plastics! So glad for you!!!! How is the healing? And who did your plastics. I'd love to hear how it went for you!

My surgeon also offers that cream at $100, so I didn't try it lol. Let me know if you find something else that works great without the sticker shock!

on 8/24/11 12:21 pm
DS on 08/30/10 with
I went with Dr. DiNick out of Ypsilanti.  He was great and my surgery was a huge success, I think anyway.  I have healed wonderfully and my scars are fading just need a cheaper cream as this one is too  Any suggestions?
on 8/24/11 5:16 pm

I'm 3 weeks post op and I have been using vitamin E oil and coco butter since last week once both drains were removed and I could stand to rub it in.  This week as I apply it I add a little more pressure and I can feel the scar starting to soften up.  Of course it will be some time before its completely healed but I will say it is WORKING.  Hope the info helps

K.Free ;-)
Gail S.
on 8/24/11 8:47 pm - New York, NY
I'm almost a month out from a brachioplasty. I used arnica gel and coco butter with vitamin E. Both were recommended by my PS. So far, my scars look great.
on 8/25/11 12:40 am
I paper tape my scars for 12 hrs a day. When they aren't taped, I lotion with Vaseline intensive care lotion and I recently started adding vitamin e oil. My scars are flat, so far. I will be taping for another 6 weeks.

I plan on using mederma at 8 weeks out.

My doc said there is no difference between paper tape and silicone strips.
on 9/5/11 9:09 am - Saudi Arabia
VSG on 11/19/10 with
I have been using Miderma on my scars from my VSG and will it on my BL scars as well. Had not heard of Biocream but will check with my PS to see ifthey sell it over here.
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