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on 9/5/11 1:25 pm
    Hello, my name is Jen and I have been lurking around in this board for the past couple months. I had my Lap Band a little over a year ago and have lost 100 pounds so far and I think I have 30 more to go. I am looking to go to Dr S in Mexico to get everything done. Well for sure I need a TT, Thigh Lift then more than likely arms and neck if I can afford it. I know for sure I would make the trip by myself and was looking to see if anyone else was planning to go to Dr S as well. I was thinking it would be nice to have someone to recover with. I was just thinking if someone else was gonna make the trip alonel it could be nice to support each other. 
     I have no date planned and havent even contacted Dr S yet. I still have 30 pounds left. I know I could probably loose them pretty fast especially if I had motivation of a Surgery date. I am guessing I could loose 10 pounds a month so I could possibly be ready as early as Dec. (but I am flexable) I thought by asking around early this would give people time to do research, maybe consults from other surgeons ect.... Some of the reasons I choose Dr S is:

#1 all the positive reviews here on OH
#2 the price, I could probably only afford one procedure if I stay in the US
#3 I am actually looking forward to the recovery in Mexico. (sounds weird but I know at home I would be on my own, My house is not recovery friendly. I live on the second floor, so that would be hard to do. I also sleep in a loft which means to get in bed I would have to climb a ladder (so out of the question) I wouldnt have help showering ect... So for that reason I am looking forward  to having a nurse check in on me daily and help with these 
#4 Oh yea this is a big one,, I dont want to have multiple surgeries. I only want to be in pain once, I only want to take time off work once, I only want to pay once. I only want my hair to fall out once. ECT....this is a big reason for me. 

   I know alot of people are concerned about the surgery being in Mexico. Honestly I have no desire to go out of the hotel or clinic aside from maybe going to the Applebees across the street or the Drug store assuming I need stuff. I dont think I would be in any shape to do more than that. 

Anyway thanks for reading my post. I hope I end up finding someone to go thru this with me. So if you are considering this let me know or friend me. I will be around this forum participating a little more from now on because I have a zillion questions but I dont want to ask them all at once. But thanks Jen

Lee ~
on 9/5/11 2:27 pm - CA
I have a surgery date with Dr. S on December 9th.  I'm trying to shed another 10 pounds before then if I can.   I'm having a LBL, BL, Brachio and then a few days later a face lift.  I was priced including a thigh lift but I've been reading that it's a tough surgery so I think I'm leaning towards waiting and doing that one alone at a later time if I still want to do it.

Go and post over at Dr. S's group and you may be more responses.  I haven't really asked who else is going in December but I'll most likely be going alone.

I like the idea of staying 12 weeks for suture and drain removal etc, plus being under constant medical supervision should I need it.

Where are you from?  I'll send you a friend request.

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on 9/5/11 2:41 pm
    Hi Lee, thanks for the friend add. I am from San Luis Obispo Ca, not sure if you know where that is but basically on between LA and San Fransico. It funny you say you are interested in staying longer because I think that is one of my concerns as well. I dont know about the whole 12 weeks, but for sure longer because one of my biggest concerns is going home then having issues and being so far away. Also my house is not surgery friendly either, I like the idea of a hotel bed ect... I also didnt think of posting on Dr S forum either, also a good idea. I am really gonna work at getting to my goal as fast as possible because that would be awesome if I could do it when your going. 
Lee ~
on 9/6/11 11:20 am - CA
Oh my goodness Jen, I meant 12 -14 days not weeks.  I wish I could stay for months because then I'd get it all done!  I might try to extend a few days to try to have more drains out before flying home.

I live up in the SF area and I've been through SLO so I know just where you are.

Having more Mexico buddies would be awesome!

HW: 249   SW: 229 GW: 149 Age: 63 - Body by Sauceda - 12/2011

on 9/6/11 1:42 pm
    How funny, I thought that was a long time to stay down there, but also thought how nice it would be to have the security of your surgeon so close for your whole recovery. Anyway I am gonna step up my diet and exercise and see how much closer I can get to my goal. I would really love a surgery buddy too, so I will keep you posted If I can make the deadline. 
Lee ~
on 9/6/11 11:39 pm - CA
I'm trying to shed some more weight as well.  It took me a year to shed the last 20 pounds, 6 months for the last 10 so it's been very slow going for me.  That said, I'm eating very low carb and exercising daily so maybe I can get down another small chunk before December.  I'm going to keep trying, but if I have plastics at this weight, I'll be happy with that as well.  I'd just like some bounce back room for the future in case I gain the 5 pounds that I've heard are very common once out a few more years with VSG.

Good luck!!

HW: 249   SW: 229 GW: 149 Age: 63 - Body by Sauceda - 12/2011

on 9/5/11 5:18 pm
Hey Jen!
I am planning to return at the end of the year - early December, hopefully for my UBL/BL/BA and second stage of my thigh work.  I love Dr S!

I saw something about staying 12 weeks.  I think that would be great, but the expense of the hotel and food would be prohibitive.  I stayed 3 extra days this time - the price of the hotel on Orbitz was $70.00 plus all of the fees and taxes - it came to over $80.00.  Multiply that by 10 weeks (since he usually covers 13 days) it will cost you over $5600.00. 

Just a thought.  I suggest finding a doctor in your town who is willing to work with you should you have a complication.  I've been there twice and my pcp has always followed me on my return.

Come on over to Dr S's forum! 

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on 9/6/11 1:45 am
What part of Mexico? Is it in Mexicali? If so, they have really good surgeons there and I have seen some of the patients who have had work done there and all have nothing but good things to say. The recovery should not be too bad, I hear they really go out of their way to make you comfortable. Good luck.


on 9/6/11 3:23 am
    Thanks for your replies and encouragement. I am getting more excited just thinking about it. I know I mentioned it would be nice to stay longer in Mexico and recover there, but you are so right It would cost a unreal amount of money... not realistic. I guess it just makes me worried to be so far away, but I am sure two weeks will be plenty. And Paul I will be going to Monterey Mexico. I really dont know where that is in Mexico. I just know that I hear great things about the Surgeon and sounds like for it will be a good fit. BTW congrats on your recent surgery (you look great!)

on 9/6/11 6:20 am
Thanks Jen. Good luck to you and don't worry you will do great.


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