Day 4 feel pretty good!

on 1/9/12 9:49 am - WI
 I had my LBL with T anchor cut on the 5th. My Doctor removed 11 pounds of skin. He was really surprised it weighed so much. My Mom has helped me out a lot by taking my 3 year old son in till today. I went to the first check up today an there was no bruising or oozing from the incisions. An some swelling but not tons. I hope every thing keeps going on a up turn. I'm taking it really easy still an will baby my self prob longer then others do but I had 5 broken bone surgery's an know first hand taking care of your self  in the beginning pays off big time in the end. The advice that really helped was : 1. baby wipes for bathroom 2. On the couch w/ recliner 24/7 3. easy food you can stick in oven (frozen pasties with meat an potato's) lots of protein & so easy! 4. empty drains more the recommended (think helped keep swelling down) 5. rolling chair in kitchen to cook! 
I got my Arms approved too but haven't made a date yet. Gonna schedule it to be in near future I think. Just get it all over with. Hope every ones surgery goes smoothly too. Will post before an after pic's when swelling go's down  PEace an LOve to yah all Brea

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on 1/9/12 9:55 am - AL
 It's so good to hear that you are doing well. You are tougher than I am, for sure! I had a tummy tuck and breast lift scheduled for later this month, but paniced and postponed today. Reading your post helps pre-ops like me, so thanks a bunch for the update. Feel better soon!
on 1/9/12 5:42 pm
 Doing this good at 4 days out!!!   I am so jealous!

Hoping the rest of the recovery is smooth sailing like the first 4 days. 
     HW-345,SW-300, CW-144lbs.  DS 5/11/10. 
     First round of plastics with Dr. LoMonaco 11/8/11  LBL, BL. 14lbs of skin removed.
     2nd round with Dr. LoMonaco 2/8/12 Brachioplasty, Thigh lift,  Breast Implants.
Michelle E.
on 1/10/12 12:49 am
Awesome feeling to feel better..very nice.. keep up the great work...Just dont overdo it. 

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