Opening on my insision

on 1/28/12 1:40 am - WI
 Last Monday when I saw my Doctor I had a small opening on my incision in the front above my pubic area. There is drainage coming out. At fist it was very heavy flow coming out but now its only a small amount of drainage an mostly the whitish goopy stuff. But my opening has doubled to two inches over the last few days. I'm scared that my whole front is going to come open. I'm going to see my doctor on Monday already but I'm just so scared at whats n store for me. Has any one else gone through this???? Did you just leave it an it heals or have to pack it or go through a second surgery. I'm just freaking out help  knowledge is power! Thanks.

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on 1/28/12 4:16 am - Alpharetta, GA
 I had something similar happen and they were able to close it back up in the office after numbing the area with lidocaine.

The surgeon may want you to pack it a few days to get the tissues dry enough to suture. He may also re-insert a drain for a few days using that open spot if you are putting out enough drainage. Mine did that and it didn't hurt at all... 

Good luck! 


on 1/28/12 7:35 am - Israel
I think it is called dehiscence.
At least mine was.
I would suggest photograph it (iPhone?) and email your PS.
I agree on fear of everything opening up but realize it is highly unlikely.
There is packing, draining and quick stitching -each case individual by surgeon and person.
Best of successful healing,
Mikimi in Israel
Lisa D.
on 1/28/12 9:35 am - New Orleans, LA
I had a small opening and I put a butterfly bandage over it and it closed in a couple of days.  Available at the drugstore.  You may want to use one ot two until your appt, if only for peace of mind.
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Amy Smith
on 1/28/12 10:33 am
I had about a 3 inch opening and another 2 inch opening.  I was instructed to pack the areas and then removing the proud flesh that was forming.  The 2" hole eventually closed up, but the bigger opening got to a certain point and then stopped healing; therefore, 3 months after the original surgery my surgeon went in and put in a new drain and reclosed the area.  She said that it would eventually heal, but after 3 months of packing the woulnd I jumped at the opportunity to have her close it.  Although I was relieved to not pack the wound anymore, the drain apparently was sitting on a nerve b/c what was supposed to be a "pain-free" and right back to work.  I spent several days on the recliner until the drain was removed!  (Thank God it was only a couple of days and not weeks like the original drains.)

I may have had a few extra potholes along the way, but the journey has been good!   

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on 1/28/12 9:01 pm
Is there a percentage out there for wounds opening with these types of surgies...example 40% of the time patients will experience so kind of wound issue so not to worry, per se?

Michelle E.
on 1/29/12 12:39 am
My last drain hole..  same thing happened.. I cleaned it 2-3xs a day with peroxide.. applied non stick guaze with compression.. fluid would come out.. but I cleaned it and tried to keep it dry as possible.. I think it was pressure from the fluid inside the body coming out. thats why it was the hardest thing to heal..

on 1/29/12 11:15 am
My plastic surgeon said this is really common if you're a smoker, or in a household with smokers. Don't know how common it is otherwise...
on 1/29/12 1:07 pm - WI
 Quite smoking 8 years ago so that can't be it. I'm hoping my doctor just puts a drain in a stitch's me back up. Feeling very scared an fragile. Don't like feeling like this. Hope it is fixed soon 

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.      

on 1/29/12 2:30 pm
I have a friend who had facelift incision open up due to staying with a friend who smoked.  Her doctor told her that was what caused it!  Isn't that bizarre?
I'm glad you gave up smoking 8 years ago! Congrats!

Open incisions happen.  Good Luck! I'm sorry - it does suck!

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