New tummy but my back looks like hell

on 1/28/12 1:32 pm - IN
I am almost three weeks out from a TT and abdom. lipo. As I was looking as myself in the mirror without my binder on, I realized there is a new fold of flab on my back, just above my waist. I was mortified! And why haven't I noticed this before today? Does this happen to everyone? Was my skin in front and on the sides pulled in such a way that it made the skin on my back pucker? I was looking forward to wearing my first two piece this summer - but there's no way in hell I'd show that to the world. I feel very let down right now.
Sharon C.
on 1/28/12 1:54 pm - Plano, TX
RNY on 03/15/05 with
Kerry Jean,

     I had the tummy tuck done corset style and my back I am not to happy with.  I didnt notice it at first either (surgery date Dec 19th) however my doc said he can fix it.  Day surgery  and its not as bad as the tummy tuck and a quicker recovery.  I wasnt wanting or want to think about any more surgery but glad I can get it fixed.  Maybe its something you can ask your doc about.  Hope that helps. 
J G.
on 1/28/12 3:07 pm
Hi Sharon,

What will your surgeon do to fix it? 

Thanx, Jenny
Sharon C.
on 1/28/12 10:51 pm - Plano, TX
RNY on 03/15/05 with
        My cut goes past my hip bones to my back but not complete like an LBL.  He would make another cut across the back like it would have been if I had the LBL and pull the skin which I belive will help the back and bottom. I know every surgeon is different on how they approach this.  My front is beautiful but my back could use some improvement.  I think with him doing this it will be perfect.  I cant imagine having it all done at once but we are all different.  I have one spot on my back that came open but is healing nicely.  Not sure what would have happened if I was cut entirely.  ~Sharon
J G.
on 1/29/12 4:40 am
Sharon, I'm with you.  I can't imagine having the cut all done at once (360 - all the way around.)  I can't imagine how I would be able to get any sleep.  Seem like there would be no position to get into, even if sleeping in recliner.   Was your incision sort of 3/4 of the way around.  Did you have trouble getting in a position to sleep?  I have spoken with several surgeons about making the "extended TT cut hip to hip or table to table.  I'm ok with that.  Two of the surgeons said that they don't like to make vertical cuts in patients who have no scar there to start with (that would mean me.)  The other said I was a classic case for a fluer de lis.  I have a  lot above the belly button.  When you had the corset style TT, did they make an incision under the boobs and pull up also?  Glad to hear your front is beautiful.  That must make you happy.  Who was the surgeon?

Thanks for your help, J.
Sharon C.
on 1/29/12 5:53 am - Plano, TX
RNY on 03/15/05 with

    Yes I was cut a little less than 3/4 the way around and I was cut along my bikini line (I am guessing) and my surgeon made me a new belly button. My incision goes past hip bone to hip bone.   I now have an hour glass figure and he also did muscle tightening.  I believe he removed about 15 lbs of skin/fat.  So I just have one long horizontal incision line.  With that done and some of the swelling down you can see separation between my boobs and my belly. My boobs are no longer resting on my stomach.  No he did  not cut close to my boobs.  I am not familiar with the Fleur DE Li's so not sure what the difference is.  I have been able to sleep on my back in my bed with a wedge pillow with no problem.  My surgeon is Dr John Alexander from Dallas, TX who also did my bypass.  He had done a tummy tuck on a friend of mine about five years ago and did a great job.  He has since perfected his technique and calls it the Alexander Corset and teaches other surgeons how to do it.  He has been doing both for years and I wanted a doctor who was familiar with excess skin of a wls patent.  He said next time I will be on my belly and will fix the back.  I know every surgeon has their preference on how they do things.  I was just thinking the other day I guess next time I will be sleeping on my belly while I am healing.   He also does arms where the scar doesn't go all the way down the arm.  However I don't think that Will work for me cuz I have huge bat wings and not sure that technique will work for me.  We shall see.  Once I get cleared to workout again I will be working them out for sure and we shall see if I will be a good candidate for that.  ~Sharon
on 1/28/12 9:43 pm - Cary, NC
RNY on 03/24/08 with
I have it, too.  But, I don't think I want to spend any more money on plastic surgery.  I would assume lipo would take care of it, but don't really know.  Also, my thighs are huge now - bigger than they have ever been, so I wear Spanx to try and keep them in control - but I do not plan to have the thighs fixed, either.  Guess I will still stuff and shove to keep everything looking half way normal.  After my TT my surgeon suggested breast work = I asked him if he planned to do it for free, that's the only way I'll do anything else.

I have a new philosophy, I'm only going to dread one day at a time.  Charlie Brown
Michelle E.
on 1/29/12 12:36 am
During your next follow up visit, mention it to your PS.. but I would wait at least 6-8 weeks before making any final decisions.. you're still very swollen and healing.. I am almost 5 weeks out.. still swollen.. waiting for the body to adjust to its new positioning .. Chin up.. if you need a revision..its very common..

Michelle HUGS
on 1/30/12 1:42 pm - IN

Yes, I'll wait til all the swelling is gone. I am NOT having any more surgery. I do not handle pain - I have zero tolerance to it and its been really rough on me. I'll live with the pucker if I have to. :)

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