How much weight loss is too much after tt?

on 1/29/12 8:28 am - Pocono summit, PA
I just had a quick question

I am hoping to take off about 20 pounds after surgery I only gained about 10 back since my lowest after my surgery 6 years ago but I would like to go down 20. Is that too much? I do in my normal life weight lifting and running and enjoyed well defined arms and back and chest. 

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on 1/29/12 8:50 am - WI
 I don't know if its normal or not but Two weeks after my LBL I was down 19lb's. The doctor removed 11lb's of skin an the other 8lb's was from not being able to eat too much during recover. I had duodenal switch an will often will just drop 8-9lb's randomly out of no where. So that could be part of it. I went from 184lb's to 165lb's. I think your supposed to be stable weight for 6 months to a year before plastic surgery. So don't think my loss is typical. But good luck 

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on 1/29/12 9:37 am - MN
I had a tummy tuck, bl/ba and lipo on my legs 9 days ago.  I am still 3 lbs heavier than when I had surgery.  The surgeon took 7 lbs off, but add 1.5lb in the saline implants. 
on 1/29/12 12:10 pm
I had my surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago (TT with lipo) and I am down 5 lbs.  He took about 9 lbs off ....

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on 1/29/12 12:11 pm
I would ask your surgeon that question...if losing 20 lbs would change your tt.  I had been at goal and maintaining for about 6 months at my consult and he was happy about that.  I would just want to make sure that your TT wouldn't change shape

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Lee ~
on 1/29/12 12:27 pm - CA
 I'm seven weeks out from plastics, multi procedures.

Six pounds of skin removed, two liters of fat lipoed out with the good viable fat put into my tush.

After two weeks I was down six pounds, now at seven weeks around 10 pounds.  I can tell that I have to hit the low carb to keep it off.

20 sounds like a lot!

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on 1/29/12 6:01 pm
What areas did they lipo that were used to replace fat in the hiney.  I read on comment on this forum where someone asked the poster did they know the difference between skin versus tissue?  With the fat placed in your hiney, does it feel different when you sit down, and will it possible change/look different over time, ie., can the fat redistribute or change.

Lee ~
on 1/30/12 12:00 am - CA
 It was taken from thighs and saddlebags on outer thighs.  It was a little tender to lay on post op but by around three weeks couldn't feel the difference.  I don't know about the long term effects.  I hope they're great!  :)

HW: 249   SW: 229 GW: 149 Age: 63 - Body by Sauceda - 12/2011

on 1/30/12 12:20 am
Thanks Lee...I have a consult Thursday.  I'm looking forward to hearing an opinion.

on 1/29/12 2:23 pm
My surgeon said that 15 to 20 lbs lost after a TT will change your results.  You might want to lose that prior to your surgery, if you can or just know that your result may not be as desired.

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