Ice or no Ice?

on 2/4/12 7:05 am - Pocono summit, PA
I am just two weeks out of my TT and find that the swelling around the bottom of my inscion is very swollen and puffy. I still have my drains so that could be some of the issue. My drains are located under the inscision by my pubic area. the other night I had the bright idea to apply Ice on my belly and it helped with the puffyness. My husband said how come no one told me to do this I should no do it without calling the dr. I cant see how this will hurt only stop some swelling like any other injuries. Iam very active runner and weight lifter Ice has been my friend for years. Any thoughts has anyone used Ice on thier recovery"
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Michelle E.
on 2/4/12 11:13 am
I think its fine as long as the ice wasnt directly on the healing skin...
Amy Smith
on 2/4/12 12:27 pm
I used ice routinely!
I even had like 5 ice packs in the hospital that I kept filled on a regular basis and I just rotated them out.    THere was no such thing as 20 minutes on! :-)

I may have had a few extra potholes along the way, but the journey has been good!   

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on 2/4/12 9:13 pm - MN

The surgery center sent me home with a list that said ice was okay.  I haven't needed it for my TT, but it actually helps with the itching, tingling and swelling on my breasts.

I am two weeks out of my TT also and I have been lucky to not have alot of swelling there.  I am not sure if I am just lucky or if its because of the drain or that I wear my compression garment all the time. I hope my luck continues with that, but wish the swelling in my breasts would go down.

on 2/5/12 2:11 am - Pocono summit, PA
Thanks for your input I feel like the swelling is going down faster this way and it is taking the pulling feeling around the incision line by the drains.
on 2/5/12 4:35 am - Cary, NC
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My doctor said no ice or heat for me, but I think it was because of the numbness and he was afraid I would leave either one on too long and damage my skin because I would not be able to feel when it was too hot or too cold.  Seems like a timer would work, but then I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on TV!

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