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on 2/10/12 9:54 am - Pocono summit, PA
Well today makes three weeks out for me and I think I am getting back to some normacy. Drains are out and scars seem dry still swollen around the belly button and under but I have to be patient. My biggest issue is how long do you have to sleep on your back? I sleep on my sides now but I am really a stomach sleeper. Is there any real rule of thumb for this? I forgot to ask my ps and now he is on vacation for the rest of the week.  I am due to go back to work on monday and would love to get a good nights sleep

any thoughts would be great
on 2/10/12 11:26 am
I am a week ahead of you and still can't imagine sleeping on my tummy!  i think it would hurt too much.  I still sleep on my back mostly and occasionally on my side until I get too sore.  It does take along time to get comfortable sleeping doesn't it!!

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on 2/10/12 11:10 pm - Pocono summit, PA
as my husband calls it the circus act to fall asleep. I have a bunch of pillows and start on my back then on my side with pillows stuffed under me he is afraid of being sufficated with one of the pillows.
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Michelle E.
on 2/10/12 12:36 pm
I am 6 weeks out .. I just started sleeping on my side.. its still difficult turning over..

Lee ~
on 2/10/12 11:55 pm - CA
 I've been sleeping on my side since 10 days out.  I tried my tummy last week but my breasts are still too tender.  I'm two months out.

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on 2/11/12 1:13 am - MN
At three weeks.....sadly I am still sleeping in my recliner
Sharon C.
on 2/11/12 1:38 am - Plano, TX
I am eight weeks out and just started sleeping on my side.  I tried sleeping on my stomach but it just felt too weird.  I can lay on my side for a little while but then start getting sore.  I never thought I would get use to sleeping on my back but I have.  My stomach is still somewhat numb but hopefully it will come back one day.  I asked my nurse thursday if I could sleep on my stomach and she said whenever you are ready.  I guess I thought some how if I did sleep on my tummy that maybe somehow something would come open.  I guess no chance of that now.  ;-)
on 2/11/12 4:05 am - herndon , VA
At 3 weeks out I was still in my recliner. I tried to go to the bed toward the end of 3 weeks to sleep on my side but I couldnt get a good night sleep because everytime my body wanted to roll over to the other side it woke me up. After I took my binder off and started wearing a compression garment to sleep in then I could sleep pretty good on my side. That is the only way I sleep anyway. I am six weeks out and can lay on my stomach for short times, but not sure if I could all night. My Dr's advise for anything was "listen to your body".
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